Yes Dorothy, there really is a place called OZ, the NEW OZ is Nouveau Riche

Real Estate Agent with Broker Associate/Realtor/ISA with Nouveau Riche

2 Students attending a phenomenal Real Estate Investment University

IF NRU had only been around when I attended college!! One of my favorite MANTRA's:  Knowledge is Empowerment...............folks I am here to tell you......there is NO OTHER learning institution in America where you will learn about REAL ESTATE INVESTING and so much more........where? In sunny Arizona

I have brought this fabulous information back to Belvidere Illinois and am prepared and beginning to really enjoy real estate in 2008.   2008 REALLY IS turning out to be GREAT

Me and my mentor Virgina........Nouveau Riche Rocks.........HEY Realtors and Brokers in and around the Boone County, Il region?  I am willing to pay for 2--8 hour days of real, hands on training in real estate investement strategies as well as an 8 hour class on short sales.  This is not HYPE, NOT SALES, NOT CARLSTON SHEETS............this is real, honest to goodness training that you can take home and use.

RSVP by Wed May 14,2008         The dates are May 16 & 17          HURRY, SEATS ARE FILLING , NEARLY FULL

email or call me ASAP  the event is in Downers Grove, IL

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