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Could've slept late this morning but didn't do it. At first I thought to myself..."just stay in bed Rob. You will fall back asleep. This is your chance, the kids will not wake you up this morning." But Rolo, our furry family member - a Shorkie, had other ideas.

Rolo wanted to go out and play. He heard the chirping birds that he loves to chase while they fly by and sing their morning song. He must have felt the beginnings of an exciting new day and wanted me to help him get it started. He wanted to go out and run around in the damp grass. It seems as if he doesn't have a worry in the world and is going to take every opportunity he can to enjoy the day, the family time (since we are not all up at 5:30am running around getting ready for work) and the home to run around in. And so here I am, the only one awake, with a hot cup of coffee in my hand, sitting at the laptop.

That might sound a little sad to you but I am sitting here smiling. I love it. I love the feeling of a new day in "our home." Looking out the window and watching the birds fly by, the squirrels trying to get to the food on the bird feeders, the bubbling of the pool water as the filter is set to turn on at 6:00 am. Rolo running around the back yard and intently listening to every little sound he hears. The sun making it's first appearance of the day and trying to break through the clouds of the morning. 

As I walk through our home I enjoy looking at the pictures we have of our family and friends. I think of some of the odd jobs that I have to do but it doesn't stress me. They will get done "someday." LOL. We have done a lot over the last few months - tile, sliding door, windows, new furniture. There's still plenty to do around our home but my wife, Jannette, has made this a relaxing, beautiful home. And that's why I am happy!

I hope the same for you. Peace and happiness in your home. A feeling of security and accomplishment. If you don't have it today and really want it - start on making it a reality for yourself. Be deliberate, go for it! In many cases the first step is really just to start looking at homes that you think you will love - I am here for that. You might need to go make a little bit more money (there's plenty of ways to increase your income) or increase your credit score (here's how Jannette and I did it - go to or call them and give them my agent ID: 19847 to get some free credit reporting tools). You might need to get a pre-approval letter, email me at and tell me you're ready and I can get you in touch with a great mortgage person who will understand your needs. Let's help you get started. Let's make a home buying strategy for you to get you where you want to might be downsizing, upsizing or even a first-time home. Take that first step.

You have the opportunity to get there because I am here to help you and it is my pleasure. Enjoy this refreshing new day we have at our fingertips - it will be gone before you know it and we will be a day older. If you know my wife and don't have plans for this evening drop me a message to get details on coming to her birthday party this evening - there will be plenty of great food and a DJ. If I don't see you over the next few days...don't forget...BE DELIBERATE IN WHAT YOU WANT! Go for it and know that there are people like me who sincerely want to help you and can help you with experience, motivation and a caring perspective. Creating beautiful memories for you and your family in a new home is the joy of life. It's up to you if you want that joy. God Bless!

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Nathan Gesner
American West Realty and Management - Cody, WY
Broker / Property Manager

I was woken by my cat sitting outside my window, meowing non-stop to be let in. Slightly frustrating, but now I'm happy with my cup of coffee, activerain, and quiet!

Jun 17, 2017 06:00 AM