OOOH LA LA Nouveau Riche (The NEW RICH) My Invitation to YOU..HURRY, I can HOOK YOU UP!

Real Estate Agent with Broker Associate/Realtor/ISA with Nouveau Riche
Building on a tradition of providing unprecedented value for the ultimate educational experience, Nouveau Riche rockets ahead of the so-called competition with The IntensiveTM. A complimentary benefit to all Nouveau Riche Community Members, this real estate investing workshop is designed to provide additional support and hands-on education to our Students.
During this event, Students will learn:

· How to develop a millionaire investor's mindset

· The language of real estate investing

· How to avoid the 12 deadly success killers of

   real estate investing

· How to build and manage teams

· How to find properties

· How to fund property acquisition

· How to fix up and rehab properties

· How to manage properties and your real

   estate business
• How to tenant properties

· How to sell properties quickly for higher


· Simple strategies to help foster courage

   in new investors

· Taking the appropriate actions that lead

   to the desired results

· Building a plan for continuing education

   and greater sophistication

· Why educated investors are more

   profitable investors

And so much more...

It is easy to see why Nouveau Riche Students around the country are enjoying such amazing success. We provide the tools, the systems, the education and the support. All we ask is that our Students provide the dream and the determination to act on the information we provide. Together we are making those dreams come true.



The IntensiveTM Trainers

Meet Nouveau Riche's top-notch "Field Experts" and Instructors, who will help you build and grow your real estate business!  Read more on how our trainers teach from their personal experiences, sharing the systems and tools that have led them to SUCCESS while assisting you in mastering the specific topic(s) of real estate investing that they employ!!!

VIP Trainers:  

Jim Piccolo
CEO and Co-founder of Nouveau Riche
Legendary visionary, founder and operator of more than a dozen innovative companies, including Nouveau Riche, Mr. Jim Piccolo possesses over 20 years of business experience, ranging from President and Chief Executive Officer of a privately-held, multi-national manufacturing company, to a publicly-traded, international marketing company with four, wholly-owned subsidiaries worldwide. A dynamic leader and strategic thinker, Mr. Piccolo delivers educational and inspirational speeches to audiences worldwide, imparting his vast knowledge and vision to help others achieve great success.

Bob Snyder
"Master Trainer" and Co-Founder of Nouveau Riche

"Dynamic...Knowledgeable... Practical...Humorous...Polished...Encouraging..." A top performer in the world of marketing, sales and negotiations for over 25 years, a seasoned real estate investor, and a partner and co-founder of Nouveau Riche, Bob Snyder has inspired and trained thousands of individuals around the world on the fundamental philosophies for success. Experience for yourself his amazing energy and astonishing lessons (applicable to all aspects of your life!) on how to leverage your time, money and knowledge for a win/win!


Chris Albin
Chris Albin states, "My two passions outside my church and family are teaching and real estate investing strategy. I have purchased over 200 properties on a teacher's salary, and I have used multiple strategies in doing so." Chris brings a wealth of instructional and analytical real estate investing skills to the Nouveau Riche Community, including probate and rehabbing commercial real estate investing strategies. He holds a BA with Teacher Certification, a GRI Certification and is a Certified IL Assessing Officer with the IL Department of Revenue. Chris looks forward to teaching the Nouveau Riche Community his strategies for success.

Jim Allfrey
What's the "fastest method for increasing long-term wealth?" Jim Allfrey's reply: "real estate investing." Utilizing his extensive business management and operations experience and exceptional analytical and human resources skills, he has enjoyed tremendous success as a full-time real estate investor. Jim manages state-wide investments and has created a lucrative business in the Pre-foreclosure market and utilizing multiple other investment strategies. This Nouveau Riche Instructor arms many with a concrete understanding of the structure and operation of their real estate businesses from a financial viewpoint.

Craig Cottrell
"Knowledgeable...articulate...caring...sincere...confidence-booster..."  Craig Cottrell, creator of the curriculum for the first college-credited course on financial literacy in the country, is an expert on the principles, processes and tools that focus on raising private capital for real estate. As President of The Real Market Experts Franchise, Inc.®, he constantly strives to provide Nouveau Riche Community Members with real estate investment solutions through the Investor ConciergeTM. Learn from Craig about the many aspects of finances in real estate investing, including understanding mortgages.

Nancy Dana
What's stopping you from taking the next step? Fear? Lack of knowledge? Nancy Dana has a knack for helping new real estate investors gain foundational knowledge, overcome fears and acquire the courage to act. As a professional business coach and trainer, and Nouveau Riche instructor, she lends her amazing talents to inspire and help others identify what they need to do and how to create a plan to achieve their goals. Nancy Dana impresses many with her ability to make learning fun and gauge others' varying levels of capabilities to help them learn more effectively. 

Lance Dehning
"Sincere...motivating...energetic...knowledgeable..."  Lance Dehning utilizes his diverse education and coaching background to teach all levels of real estate investors his practical tips, out of the box ways of thinking, and "rehabbing" strategies, to achieve greater levels of success. A veteran real estate investor, a Nouveau Riche Instructor, and the owner of Nouveau Riche's property benefit company The Real Market Experts® of CO Franchise, Lance recognizes "...real estate investing can deeply alter the lives of people, neighborhoods, and even communities," and invites you to experience it for yourself.

Curtis DeYoung
Did you know you can use your retirement plan to invest in real estate? Curtis DeYoung opens doors for many with his knowledge of the unlimited growth potential and power in using self-directed retirement plans (SDRPs) for real estate investing. He is Founder, President and CEO of American Pension Services (APS), a genuine, SDRP administrative company providing a unique vehicle for true self-direction without the conflict of selling financial products.  Through Nouveau Riche and APS, Curtis teaches the value of using SDRPs for investing, and offers investors maximum flexibility, security and freedom to invest as aggressively as the law allows.

Del Hargis
As the Client Development Director for American Pension Services, Del Hargis is committed to assisting people in discovering the many financial benefits of self-directing their retirement plans. Del shares this message with investors across the country: "retirement plans are not about the future, they are about right now!"  Del is an inspirational speaker who encourages people to "never judge what you can accomplish today based on what you did not accomplish yesterday!"

Mark Kohler
"Contagious energy ...personable ...amazing...incredible knowledge..." Mark Kohler, a practicing attorney and CPA, specializing in real estate asset protection and tax planning, a Nouveau Riche Instructor, author of the best-seller Lawyers are Liars: The Truth About Protecting Our Assets, and the President of Nouveau Riche's Community benefit companies Inc. It, Inc. and Number Won Accountants, lends his infinite expertise to help others reach great success. Skilled at distilling complex legal and tax strategies in layperson terms, Mark adds interesting stories and anecdotes (even dance!) to his discussions, surprising many with how exciting, interesting, and even fun tax and legal planning can be!

Chris Wilson
What can a genuine, no-nonsense real estate investing education from an experienced investor mean for your level of understanding and success? Chris Wilson, an accomplished businessman with expertise in multiple areas of real estate investing, having held several high-level positions in sales, marketing and research & development, is first and foremost a real estate investor. Focusing on wholesaling, buy & hold and property management, Chris truly enjoys the challenges and benefits of real estate investing and strives for a win/win in all deals by utilizing his active imagination. This Nouveau Riche instructor prides himself on helping others achieve new levels of understanding and success in real estate investing.

Independent National Senior Advisors/Independent Regional Advisors:


Raul Campos
Raul Campos spent nearly 20 years as an Independent Investment Advisor, managing money for himself and clients. After the 2000-01 stock market crash, he sold his practice, took time off from Wall Street, and sought out the wealth creation strategies of successful individuals: real estate investing. He obtained his real estate license, but enjoyed limited success investing, buying and selling real estate for his personal portfolio before discovering his lack of success was, in large part, due to his lack of knowledge. Utilizing his Nouveau Riche education, Raul has now acquired and sold over 40 properties a year, with target deals netting him between $30K and $100K.  Today, as an IRA, Raul arms others with this powerful knowledge to achieve great success.

Ben Echevarria
Ben Echevarria admits he knew very little about real estate investing until his introduction to Nouveau Riche. A former miner, this Independent National Senior Advisor and member of Nouveau Riche's 2007 Winners Circle, discovered gold with Nouveau Riche. Utilizing the education he acquired from Nouveau Riche, through his company Sell Quick Idaho, which specializes in pre-foreclosure and fix and flip, Ben has bought and sold over 100 single family homes in the last two years. A speaker for many of Nouveau Riche's Local Briefings in Idaho and Washington, focusing on sales training and real estate investing, Ben enjoys sharing his story with others. He has helped countless individuals realize that anything is possible with the right education and system, no matter how far you have to climb. 

Heather Echevarria
Independent National Senior Advisor Heather Echevarria began her career working at a CPA firm, while diligently working on completing her Accounting degree. After some soul searching, Heather and her husband Ben became involved with Nouveau Riche and discovered a new path towards attaining their goals-real estate investing-and realized enormous success very quickly! She learned first-hand, as many others within Nouveau Riche have learned, that education does not cost money- it makes money! Today, she shares this powerful lesson with others and helps them grasp their dreams with the help of Nouveau Riche.

Charles Hosea
Independent National Senior Advisor Charles Hosea possesses a true gift for establishing and conquering goals, and helping others to achieve greatness. When he was only 10 years old, Charles immigrated to the United States with his family and a burning desire to live the "American Dream." Helping out with his father's landscaping business, Charles learned the ins and outs of business and consulted with his father's established clients, who taught him about real estate as a route to wealth creation.  Now, the proud father of seven children and two grandchildren, Charles owns a Social Service agency that serves under-privileged children and families, youth-at-risk and disabled adults. In August of 2003, he discovered Nouveau Riche-an opportunity to transform his life and pay forward his blessings to countless others, including the islanders of Hawaii.  

Jason Nedrow
Independent National Senior Advisor Jason Nedrow brings with him more than a decade of direct sales experience. Coming from a family of farmers, he learned to work hard at an early age. Before finding Nouveau Riche, his door-to-door vacuum salesman job consumed his life. After much research and soul searching for a career he could feel passionate about, Jason found Nouveau Riche. Although he had no prior real estate experience, he believed in the Nouveau Riche system and devoted himself to becoming a success. Today, Jason believes the secret behind his success is his focus on the people. "It's been awesome to help people meet their educational and financial goals and give them options!"

Myrna Nieves
Independent Regional Advisor Myrna Nieves, a former Real Estate Agent who rapidly built a multi-million dollar business, has proven that anything is possible with hard work and determination.  After only being involved with Nouveau Riche for two years, Myrna has become a seasoned real estate investor. During her 10 years in the industry, she only owned one house-her own; but within her first 6 months with Nouveau Riche, she acquired 10 homes cash flowing $4,700 a month!  Working as a team with her husband David, she believes that they have "found the greatest opportunity there is with Nouveau Riche and look forward to sharing it with as many people as they can!"

Andre Popa
Born in Romania under Communism, Andre Popa came to America with nothing and did not speak English. As a young boy, he was forced to work to help his family survive. He decided early on to live the "American Dream," and knew the only way to achieve his dreams was through business ownership; however, lack of financial education created many road-blocks to his success. When at last he and his wife Tami built a very successful design and construction firm, they soon realized their sacrifice of time and freedom in the process. Having dabbled in real estate, making a lot of money on high end fix and flips, they knew they had much more to learn. Nouveau Riche's education afforded them the opportunity to take their real estate investing to the next level and walk away from their stressful business and lifestyle that once "owned" them! Today, Andre has learned that success is a decision and with the "RIGHT" education and system you can live the "American Dream!"

Tami Popa
Tami grew up the only child of a single mother and began working at the age of 12. Big dreams and a burning desire to change the course of her family's financial future led her down an entrepreneurial path. Buying a franchise business with her mother, she learned key information about business and systems at the ripe age of 18. By 19, she was producing over $10k per month through marketing and networking with other business owners. Then, she and her husband Andre spent seven years building and running a design and construction firm, while simultaneously leveraging the real estate market. When Tami discovered Nouveau Riche, she knew she'd found "one of the best systems in place" and the vehicle to walk away from their multi-million dollar design and construction firm to achieve the freedom and lifestyle of their dreams. Now, a wife, mother and Independent National Senior Advisor, Tami spends the time she desires with her family and teaches others how to create wealth and freedom with Nouveau Riche.

Kendall Stock
Independent Regional Advisor Kendall Stock possessed no real estate experience, no sales experience and was trying to get into dental school when he stumbled across Nouveau Riche.  It only took a few months for Kendall to realize that his dreams of becoming a dentist were drastically changing, as he saw the opportunities unfolding with Nouveau Riche. Since joining Nouveau Riche, Kendall has made over 40 deals, utilizing many of the different strategies, including short sales, fix and flip, buy and hold, and even developing international high-rise apartment buildings.  He loves the interaction with students and instructors of the Real Estate Investment College and enjoys sharing his experience and putting his Nouveau Riche education to work!

Jeff Thompson
Independent National Senior Advisor Jeff Thompson has generated great success and financial freedom through Nouveau Riche with his exceptional leadership, responsibility, and discipline skills.  Jeff credits his parents for creating an atmosphere of achievement and entrepreneurial spirit that led him to set up a business while still in high school. Along his career path, he endured several companies and promises crumbling along with his hopes and dreams. Focusing his efforts on a company he and his wife started, although successful, the major economic shifts in 2000-2001 proved even small business owners need to be diversified.  He now enjoys working with Nouveau Riche, sharing his experience and strategies for success with individuals and families across the country! 

Cheri Tree
Growing up living all around the world with her military parents and five siblings, Cheri learned much about freedom, cultures, relationships, discipline, and independence.  After graduating from a military boarding school, she studied business and finance, as well as recreation and leadership. Entering the world of financial planning, she was promoted to a Regional Vice President with a Fortune 100 company, but became frustrated with giving "traditional financial advice" that seemed to trap people consistently in Middle Class. Then Cheri discovered Nouveau Riche-the launch pad to her current success. As an Independent National Senior Advisor and member of Nouveau Riche's 2005 and 2006 Winners Circle, Cheri has consistently made the Top Ten list of income earners nationwide and has developed a real estate portfolio with properties spanning the country. She shares her passion for business and extreme drive to help others enjoy tremendous financial success.

Chad Wade
While growing up, Chad's business ventures included lawn mowing, auto detailing, and door to door sales. Working in his family's local dry cleaning business for 13 years, he started out at minimum wage and climbed his way to the top. He then began his personal development and became a licensed facilitator and mentor for Og Mandino. Soon after he became dissatisfied with his income and realized there was more "out there" for him. Creating Team Mastermind to mentor and support people in getting out of the rat race and moving toward their success, he grew this business to a large organization in a short period of time. He knew he loved helping people and wanted to find a company where he could make a living doing so. Finding the great leaders of Nouveau Riche, Jim Piccolo and Bob Snyder, he jumped at the opportunity to join Nouveau Riche and learn how to build a thriving real estate portfolio.  Since then, he's been able to create great success in real estate and help many others do the same. 

Justin Yates
Independent National Senior Advisor Justin Yates excels as a leader within the Nouveau Riche Community, as a "top income earner," leading many on his team to "top income earner" status.  Possessing a Bachelors degree in Finance and a Masters degree in Business Information Systems, Justin has utilized the Nouveau Riche educational system to buy and sell millions of dollars of real estate. Exuding tremendous enthusiasm for real estate has not only helped him build his portfolio, but it has also allowed him to assist many others throughout the country in achieving success. He describes his greatest pleasure in business as "seeing clients change their lives and start designing their futures." 

Andrew Yurasek
Independent National Senior Advisor Andrew Yurasek is a decorated, eight-year Marine Veteran with an extensive business background. Excelling in business sales in Corporate America for 10 years, he served in executive-level positions for companies including a fortune 1000 company, where he was consistently a top income earner. This success enabled him to open his own business investing in real estate, buying and selling hundreds of properties (he now owns over 80 properties!). Andrew is also a national speaker and trainer specializing in sales training and real estate investing.


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