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The Best Lisbon Apartments 2017

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Portugal properties are very hot in the market of real estate and Portugal is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Since the Golden Visa change, many people from all nationalities are looking to buy, invest and live inside of Portugal. We are always getting a multitude of requests from people looking to obtain residency and retire inside of Portugal.

Portugal Prime offers a very wide variety of properties throughout all of Portugal but the ones that people seem to love the most are the ones inside of Lisbon.

Lisbon Apartments are increasingly popular over 2017 and expected to be rising throughout 2018.

Here are a few of my favorite properties from Portugal Prime.

Penthouse Apartment In Lisbon

2 Bedroom Lisbon Apartment with River Views

2 Bedroom Apartment Central Lisbon 

Fully Furnished Lisbon Penthouse

1 Bedroom Lisbon Apartment Fully Furnished

Renovated 3 Bedroom Lisbon Apartment

1 Bedroom Lisbon Apartment For Investors

4 Bedroom Apartment Central Lisbon

3 Bedroom Lisbon Apartment

3 Bedroom Lisbon Apartment with Exclusive Parking Area

If you're looking for some Lisbon properties, Portugal Prime has you covered.

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