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A new Internet service provided by local real estate professionals Aaron and Mindy Mills offers Brea's Olinda Ranch consumers a free and convenient way to get the answers to any of their real estate-related questions.

Questions Answered With the Click of a Button

Whether buyers and sellers want to know about the best time to put their home on the market, the first steps they should take in finding the home of their dreams, or need more specific information related to their individual situation, now they can simply access Aaron and Mindy's Web site, click a button, and send their questions directly to Aaron and Mindy via e-mail. They promises to respond with the information they need, also via e-mail, within 48 hours.

"I have found that so many people are hesitant to call a real estate agent with their questions," Mindy says. "Either they feel their question is too insignificant to bother someone with, or they don't want to call an agent because they're afraid they'll get trapped with a high pressure sales pitch. But I believe there's nothing more important than providing people with the information they need to know about something as critical to their futures as buying or selling a home."

Accessible Anytime on the Web at

Interested consumers can simply access Aaron and Mindy's Web site 24 hours at . By clicking on the email icon, buyers or sellers can type in their questions and send them privately to Aaron or Mindy. They will either respond back via e-mail, or if they don't have an e-mail account of their own, they can request that they contact them directly by typing in their name and address or telephone number, whatever is more convenient for them.

The Right Information without the Hassle

Aaron and Mindy are offering their e-mail question-and-answer forum as an information-only service in their continuing desire to share their experience and knowledge gained over many years in the business and to serve the Brea real estate market. There is absolutely no obligation to consumers to hire them as their agent. Of course, those who do not yet have access to the Internet can also contact Aaron and Mindy with their questions through more traditional means: either by mail or phone at their office.

More Customized Information at Your Fingertips

By simply accessing the site through the Internet on their personal computers, consumers anywhere can find out about current market trends, get specific details about relocating to the area, learn more about Aaron & Mindy's services, and place online orders for free, informative special reports with in-depth information on buying or selling. In addition, consumers can get answers to their individual questions regarding their home purchase or sale anonymously through e-mail by simply typing them in anytime, day or night. Consumers from outside the area can also use online forms to order their own special relocation package filled with information about the area and the relocation process itself.

Easily and Quickly Accessible

"Even though a real estate professional may be able to help them," Mindy says, "many people don't contact one because they either don't know who to call or they're afraid of running into a high-pressure sales situation with an agent who only wants to get their business. Some people may not even be ready to buy or sell right away, they just want information to help them make the right decision down the road. This Web site is designed to offer them a way to get that information as quickly and easily as possible."

Free Information, No Strings Attached

"It's so frustrating to see home buyers and sellers make the same mistakes every year knowing that I could have helped them avoid those problems if only I could have had the opportunity to give them the right information," Mindy says. "My goal is to get that information out there and make the real estate process smoother for everyone by creating more educated consumers, regardless of whether they hire me as their agent."

Where to Find It

Long known as a cutting-edge professional in the Brea real estate community, Aaron and Mindy have consistently used the latest technology to produce successful home sales for a growing number of area residents. Their Web site can be accessed at Aaron and Mindy can also be contacted directly at their office at 2415 E. Imperial Hwy Brea, by calling (714)270-2424

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Consumers are demanding more so we must all work hard to serve them better

May 12, 2008 04:59 PM