Door Hanger Advertising: Do’s & Dont’s

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Embracing the new ways of marketing is critical for real estate agents. You can’t get ahead in this industry if you’re shunning online advertising, social media and other forms of internet-based communication.

But the old school methods still have their place and in some instances remain more effective.

Perhaps no means of REALTOR® communication is more cherished than the door hanger. But there are some important guidelines to take into account.

Do: Consider hanging them yourself
Distributing door hangers can be a great form of exercise. Depending on the size of the area you’re targeting, you might want to consider hitting the streets on your own, hangers in tow. The benefit of this approach is that you’re likely to be noticed or even interact with the owners of the homes you are targeting. Many of them will be charmed by your dedication and grit. Even if they’re not a potential client, they’ll likely recommend you to somebody who is.

Do: Consider partnering with a charity
If you don’t want to plop down the big bucks to pay a distributor to place the hangers, you might want to look into an idea that Emile L’Eplattenier of FitSmallBusiness is a big fan of: Contact a local non-profit and see whether they would distribute the hangers in exchange for a donation. For instance, explains Emile, a Boy Scout troop might be up for distributing the hangers in exchange for a small donation (15¢ or so) per hanger.

Don’t: Automatically choose the cheapest distributor
According to Chris Feltus at, professional distribution companies typically charge about 15¢ per hanger delivered. While you should shop around for the best price possible, beware of firms offering prices that are far below the average. If you encounter an astonishingly low price, do a little research to make sure that the firm is legit and will actually deliver ALL of your hangers.

Do: Keep a reserve supply of hangers
Another good piece of advice from Chris Feltus: Keep some hangers in the car and if you see a home that for some reason seems likely to be sold in the near future, jump out and put a hanger on the door! Feltus notes that he does this whenever he sees a rundown home.

Don’t: Forget to include any crucial contact information
Phone number. Email address. Website. These days, people have all kinds of preferences about how they want to communicate. Make sure to give them all of the options.

Do: Include a call to action
The door hanger, like any real estate communication, offers information but most importantly, it gives the reader a directive: “Thinking about selling your house? Call me today!” Don’t even allow them to ponder what they need to do to get in touch with you.

Anyone here had success with door hangers as a real estate agent?

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People are very tired of the solcitation nowdyas. It comes on phones and computers and unwanted junk on our Windows and doors

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