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We received a concierge call from Zillow yesterday, the call went something along these lines...


Note: We have the Zillow listing information up on our screen before the call gets put through.


Lead: "I want to buy this house, what do I need to do to make sure I get it?"  

GPS: "Sir, this property  is listed as A For Sale by the Owner".

Lead: What exactly does that mean?

GPS: It means that they don't want to pay a Realtor to sell their home for them, they would prefer to sell it without our help.  However, we can certainly call them to ask if they will allow us to show it to you."

Lead: "How much will you charge me for that?  "I already knocked on the woman's door, she wouldn't let me in." You can get in you are an agent right?But I'm not interested in paying you."

GPS: Sir, buyer agents don't charge for their services, the sellers' pay us. However as this is not a listed property, they don't have to pay us, or allow us to show you the house."

Lead: She refused to allow me in the house. I've been there several times. But you can get me in right?

GPS: "I'm sorry to hear that Sir, did you make an appointment with her when you went to the house?"

Lead: "No, she wouldn't speak to me. But I want to buy it.  She's advertising it, she has to sell it to me right?"

GPS: "I see if I can speak to her and get back to you..."

Lead: "You have her number? If you have her number you know her, why does she refuse to let me in?

GPS: "I don't know the seller, I've never spoken to her, the number is right here on Zillow, that's the same number you called correct?" We quoted the number.

Lead: "She wouldn't speak to me. So call her and tell her I'm coming over at 11:00am tomorrow and I want to see it this time. She can't stop me, I'm going to buy it."

GPS: " Well Sir, I will do my best, however we don't know if she will agree or not, it is her property, she doesn't have to let anyone in.  It's better to wait until we have a confirmation that she is OK with us showing it to you and will agree to work with us first.  If we can do that, we will call you right back, but before we do, we need some information from you first."

We then asked if he was preapproved.

He has cash.

We asked for proof of funds.

He said he'd send it.

He didn't.

We called the seller who hung up on us.

We called again,

 she screamed "We wont work with agents,"

and hung up.

We called the lead back and told him we couldn't set up the 11:00am appointment and the seller wouldn't work with us.

 He hung up!

This morning at 11:05 we received a call from the lead.

Lead" Where are you? I'm at the house, I told you I want to buy this house, why aren't you here?"

GPS: Sir, we told you that the seller won't work with us, please contact her direct.

Lead: "She won't speak to me, she hangs up everytime I call."

GPS: "Perhaps you could try writing to her to explain your desire to buy her home?"

Lead: "Why are you being so rude to me? Why is she refusing to let me in? Did she tell you not to work with me?"

GPS: "Sir,  I am just making a suggestion,  as she seems unwilling to talk to anyone, maybe a letter would help. We really can't help you at this point."

Lead: "Can't help or won't help? So you are refusing to help me then, Ok, woman, I'm going to ruin your business for this, I'm going to post it online and everywhere you refused to help me".

This was followed by a tryanny of anti sematic accusations...

We hung up.

He called back. 12 times in all. Screaming abuse at us.

We discussed calling the seller, to warn her that he was outside her home, but decided we been shouted at enough already. 


And to think we paid for this! Agggh What a crazy world we live in.

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Ouch, not a good experience. Doubtful either is a buyer or seller.  

Jun 23, 2017 11:05 AM