5 Ways a Coin Op Washer and Dryer Attracts Quality Tenants

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Putting in a coin-op washer and dryer is one of the best ways to attract quality tenants. A washer and dryer in an apartment building acts as one of the most popular amenities among people searching for a place to rent. This list will tell landlords and managers why installing a commercial washing machine, whether it's LG, Maytag or Electrolux, will pay off for you in the end.


You attract tenants of means

To do laundry in your apartment building, you'll need to have some money set aside for laundry day. Which means you'll need to have some income left after the rent has gotten paid. When it comes to how much do laundromats cost, they cost about a couple of dollars to wash or dry one load. However, most people would rather not lug a couple of bags of laundry through the streets of their neighborhood in all kinds of weather.

That's why when you put in a washer and dryer in the building, the majority of your residents will pay a premium for the privilege of doing laundry in their home building. Be sure to invest in the high-quality commercial washing machines. Go for the well-known brands like LG, Electrolux or Maytag Commercial Laundry. The good quality ones are more durable and energy-efficient. With the high-quality commercial laundry facilities in the building, all the tenants will have to worry about is getting quarters for the machine. But you can even take care of that by installing a change machine in the laundry room. 


You won't have strangers in the laundry room

One of the many things that people don't like about public laundromats is the quality of customers one might see in them. Laundromats are an inexpensive place to clean your clothes. Plus, many of them are open for extended hours. One can find some sketchy characters in these kinds of laundromats. It can make cleaning your clothes a somewhat dangerous activity.


When you have laundry machines in your apartment building, your tenants will want to pay more so that they can clean their clothes without having to drag their dirty clothes through the street. Since your building's laundry room likely can't be accessed by people who don't live on the premises, you can better ensure that the laundry facilities on your property are safe and secure.


You might know who to go to if a machine gets damaged

Part of your tenants' rent payments will go towards the maintenance of the building's washer and dryer. While the vast majority of adults act like they're supposed to when they do laundry, you can deal with the few who inflict damage on the laundry machines. If you install security cameras in the laundry room, you can learn who destroyed what machine and whether the damage was because of irresponsible use of the washer or dryer. When you deal directly with the person who messed with the building's laundry machines, you won't have to punish the whole building by raising the wash and dry rates.


The laundry room may be cleaner

No tenant wants their home building to be a dirty place to live. When you have high-quality tenants in your building, the chances are better that they will do their part to keep the laundry room clean. That means that they won't leave clothes on the folding tables for hours on end. They won't just abandon the laundry room if the washer overflows without telling maintenance. They won't eat their fast food meal while doing laundry and then leave their trash behind when they leave. Because your tenants will value the privilege of doing their laundry in their home building, they will do their part to keep the building's laundry facilities clean. Some people may even clean up after their sloppier neighbors. As a landlord or manager, you can never underestimate the value of making the lives of your tenants a bit easier. If you provide clean laundry facilities, your tenants will probably not mind picking up a stray fabric softener sheet once in awhile.

Tenants will be safer

If you give your tenants laundry facilities in your building, then they will not have to take their dirty clothes to sketchy establishments in unsafe neighborhoods. When you have laundry machines in your building, you allow your tenants to do their laundry in a safe, secure, and controlled environment. By choosing a user-friendly commercial laundry equipment like Maytag or LG and making sure your washing machines are loading properly, many potential tenants will pay more to do laundry at home than they would at an average neighborhood laundromat.

When it comes to offering your building tenants a washer and dryer for their use, the benefits outweigh the downsides. By putting in commercial washers and dryers, your tenants can do an essential chore without needing to leave home. When you offer this amenity on the rental marketplace, you can get potential renters who will pay a premium for this privilege.


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