What can I do to get more notary assignments from needAnotary?

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Mr. Poole,

Thanks for contacting us here at needAnotary

In reviewing your Profile, we noticed lots of opportunities in which could help you get more assignments using needAnotary.  We really appreciate your contacting us, as we have repeated sent you emails with suggestions, for getting more bang for your buck, which seems were ignored or forwarded to your junk email box. 

Nevertheless, we have your attention now and here are a few of the opportunities we noticed that will help you in getting more notary assignments.

1.)     Your Marketing Panel is BLANK.  You have never chosen to define your service area.  You are scheduled to only display for search results in Middleton and your local zip code.  You know your local community and service area better than we do.  We need your cooperation in loading your Marketing Panel with the cities, counties, and communities you service.  You also get to add up to 12 zip codes to your service area.  We installed this technology in Mar 2007 and many notaries for whatever reason sign-up never optimize their Profiles in spite of our email messages and instructions.

2.)     Complete both sections of your Marketing Panel, Website Search and Search Engine Optimization.  Other notary sites charge extra fees for which we provide free of charge.

3.)     Since you don't have a website of your own, enter your Activerain Profile URL as your website address inside your needAnotary Profile. 

4.)     Enter your needAnotary URL: http://www.needanotary.net/notary_10232.html, as your website in Activerain

5.)     Add the Promote Your Profile coding to your Activerain Profile page and post blogs with it. 

6.)     Share the non-member Promote you Profile coding with your friends so they can place it on their website and link back to your needAnotary Profile.

7.)     Read our email subject; Getting Started or download the FAQ inside your Admin Panel and set-up a schedule to submit your Profile Panel URL:http://www.needanotary.net/notary_10232.html to the specified sites. 

8.)     Contact all companies whom your done business in the past year and get them to bookmark your needAnotary Profile Panel on their desktop.  

I didn't mean to leave you with a laundry list of chores, but needAnotary is a self-managed site that is highly dependent on your feedback to produce the greatest result.   You control the optimization we use to submit to the search engines. 

Consider this your business and periodically adjust and tweak your choices to generate notary leads from with your local service area.  Our software is very flexible and easy to use, yet technical enough to rank well if you follow our suggestions.

I trust this responds to you questions of increasing the performance of your needAnotary Profile.

Have a marvelous rest of your day! 

Warmest regards,

Customer Care Team

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