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I have written several blog posts over the past few weeks and decided it would be a good idea to create an index for easy reference:

Colorado Home Lender

33% of Vets Don't know about Their VA HOME LOAN benefit!

VA Funding Fee Chart

VA Closing Costs - Who Pays What?

When can Seller Concessions be used for Debt Reduction?


If you are considering buying a home using your VA Home Loan Benefits, contact your local qualified VA lender. There are a few designations or certifications that can help you identify a loan officer that has been trained to provide assistance with VA home loans. One such designation would be the Military Mortgage Specialist designation. Look for the logo on their business card or website. Trained Realtors have, this or other, similar designations. Below you can see sample logos for easy identification.

Colorado VA Home LenderColorado VA Home Loan

VA Home Loan Benefit

It's Your Right.

You Earned it!



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