The Cost of Living is Rapidly Increasing...How to Lower Your Monthly Bills!!!!!

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I don't know about you but all I have been hearing about on the news lately is how gas prices continue to climb and how these rising energy prices have affected the economy - for example even the price of groceries has increased due to higher transportation costs!! Here are a few ways that I was able to lower my monthly bills that I thought I would share with everyone...

•·     Review your monthly cell phone bill - if you are not using all of your minutes see if you can switch to a less expensive plan

•·     Call your cable company and tell them that their competitor (i.e. Cablevision vs. Direct TV) has offered you a discounted package if you switch to their service.  I did this last week and saved $80 per month on my bill (Cable, internet and phone).  It only took a quick phone call! 

•·     Now that the weather has warmed up turn the dial on your water heater down. You will still have plenty of hot water!!!

•·     Take a defensive driving course to lower your car insurance bill

•·     Call your credit card company's and ask them to lower your interest rates (nothing ventured nothing gained)

•·     Buy an entertainment book - this book is filled with coupons and discount savings on everything from restaurants, movie theaters, travel, automotive service discounts, dry cleaning, etc.


Hope these ideas can be of assistance.  Happy Savings!!!


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Joe Virnig
RE/MAX Gold Coast REALTORS, Ventura County, California - Ventura, CA
No Ordinary Joe

I wonder how much you could save by driving more conservatively. 

May 13, 2008 01:37 AM
Jim Crawford
Maximum One Executive REALTORS® - Atlanta, GA
Jim Crawford Atlanta Best Listing Agents & REALTOR

You are so right.  We've been saving money by dining out a lot less, using the more efficient car, and not making any big ticket purchases.

May 13, 2008 01:40 AM
Diane & Bob Arenholz
William RAVEIS Realty - Yorktown Heights, NY
Covering all of Westchester County, NY

Joe - Great point about driving. I recently read a article that said if you drive the speed limit you save gas!!  That was incentive enough for me to slow down!

May 13, 2008 01:46 AM
Diane & Bob Arenholz
William RAVEIS Realty - Yorktown Heights, NY
Covering all of Westchester County, NY


Dining out less is a big one for us too.  With running around from real estate appointments sometimes cooking seems like such a hassle but eating out does get expensive!!

May 13, 2008 01:47 AM
Patti A. Puckett
Broker Associate/Realtor/ISA with Nouveau Riche - Belvidere, IL

Hi Diane and Bob

GREAT IDEAS...thanks for sharing those.  It is critically important that friends, realtors, brokers continue to share ideas on "SAVINGS".  We all need to be cognizant of small, medium and large ways we can save money, energy and our earth.

Here's a couple more that we have recently implemented:

Check above and below the doors in your home, do they seal tight? OR (like a couple of the doors we had in this foreclosure home we bought) can you see the weather clearly outside? From the top or bottom?  Buy doors that fit properly; watch for sales at local Home Depots, Lowes or Menards and for 159.00-198.00 depending on what type of door; you will be AMAZED at the energy savings both heat and cool that you will save. Perhaps a small piece of weather stripping is all you need to prevent the air pouring in on your feet. Thats even easier.

Here's another HUGE energy saver; and I am here to tell you over the past year we have witnessed substantial lowering of our electric bill; and as my father always referred to them as ("Communist Edison" LOL)  I, too like to pay them as little as possible. UNPLUG any and all appliances, stereos, tools, anything you can see when assessing your home.  UNPLUG these items while not in use and you will be SHOCKED (no pun intended) as to how much WHITE ENERGY you can save monthly equating to yearly. Now, I will tell you that if there is a television that is used all the time? NO ; I do not unplug and plug it in every time we use it; that is just not practical...HOWEVER, the toaster, kitchen-aid, etc that sits on the counter and is used minimally? YEP, unplug them. You have to assess your own home and calculate savings vs inconvenience of course. One toaster unplugged saving WHITE ENERGY can save over 10.00 a year in energy costs!!!!!

WHITE ENERGY is the energy that is used when something is plugged in and NOT being used; just sitting there plugged in...friends if something is plugged in? Energy is still being billed to you; NO JOKE.  With a world of electronics and gadgets we live in? This can be a HUGE savings for a modest home.  I have witnessed it in my home.

Lastly for today? Take pride in your homes Curb Appeal and at the same time? strategize what you plant to SHADE and PROTECT your home.  I live in Northern Illinois....stragecally planning ; and then planting trees, and bushes that shield my home from the elements (wind,snow,rain) can hugely keep my home warmer in the winter; and cooler in the summer (while being an awesome GREEN CONTRIBUTION to our EARTH)  There are a multitude of GREEN ITEMS that grow rather quickly; this is another HUGE energy saver, plus it beautifies your property AND is good for the environment.  HEY; this is TRULY a WIN-WIN-WIN one, isn't it?  LOL

Have a beautiful day; thanks for letting me add to your great ideas

Patti Puckett

Northern Illinois

May 13, 2008 01:51 AM
Diane & Bob Arenholz
William RAVEIS Realty - Yorktown Heights, NY
Covering all of Westchester County, NY


I am going to go home tonight and unplug everything I am not using!!  Thanks for the advice!!  Let's keep in touch:)


May 13, 2008 01:53 AM
Chip Jefferson
Gibbs Realty and Auction Company - Columbia, SC

The cost of gas and food exceeds my mortgage payment 140%....Thats nuts!

May 13, 2008 02:04 AM