5 Hot Business Books For Your Summer Reading List

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I've found that just because you’re in the real estate game doesn’t mean you should only be reading business books written by others in the industry. There is a ton of insight to be gained from other great business reads that comment on subjects that affect anybody with ambition, such as work/life balance, perseverance, productivity and happiness.

I've decided to share a few favorites that have improved our work lives over here at eCommission.

Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers
Tim Ferriss, best known as author of “The 4-Hour Workweek,” shares ample advice on how to bolster productivity that he has learned by interviewing hundreds of business moguls, entertainment icons and other wildly successful people on his podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show. The book, divided into three sections, focuses on how to most effectively run a business, stay healthy and gain personal wisdom.

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
Psychologist Angela Duckworth argues that it isn’t so much talent that shapes success in business, but passion and perseverance. Those two combine to create what she calls “grit.” It might be a good read on those days when you’re doubting whether you’re a “natural” salesperson. Because according to Duckworth, it’s not the geniuses who are most likely to succeed. It’s those with the determination to succeed in spite of their limitations.

Friend & Foe: When to Cooperate, When to Compete, and How to Succeed at Both
In this book, Adam Galinsky and Maurice Schweitzer examine what drives success. In every walk of life, from relationships to business, a person needs the ability to compete and collaborate, they argue. The two social scientists base their arguments on research, some of which yields surprising conclusions, including that extraordinary talent can sometimes be a drawback in the world of business.

Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work
Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal, both experts on peak performance, describe ways in which people can become far more productive by controlling their minds. They talk to a number of researchers seeking to bolster performance in a variety of domains, including business, military and athletics. In many ways, Kotler and Wheal argue against the importance of  “grit” and instead suggest that the key to success may in fact be achieving a different state of consciousness.

Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy
In her second book, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of the wildly successful Lean In, describes overcoming the greatest challenge of her life: the sudden death of her husband in 2015. This event helped shape her belief about the importance of resiliency, and how people can develop it. It also heightened her awareness of the regular challenges that employees face and how bosses can help ease the pain, both out of compassion and for the benefit of the business.


What about you? Have you read any business books lately you felt really shed some light or perspective you hadn't seen before?

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