What value do schools play in my homes value / the area I am looking in?

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Being in the state of California, all areas of government are expected to cut their expenditures by 10% for the fiscal year due to a $20 Billion deficit in the state budget.  Some areas have seen this happen during cyclical periods in our economy.  For any business, the ideal situation from an employment perspective by an HR department / management is to educate and maintain a top tier workforce in their company.  A school should have no less a perspective than that.

My personal opinion is that our education should never be cut and we are paying the teachers much less than they are worth which has a two sided affect: (1) they cannot afford to live in the areas where they work all the time. (2) we lose great teachers to private institutions and other industries because the pay is too small and they need to make the move so they can make ends meet.

To counter the financial issues, some of the schools have foundations which are supported by the neighborhood in that district to make sure that the funds are in to continue to employ teachers who are in our district.  Foundations are key but at the middle to low areas of the economy are not economical due to financial constraints.   

If one is living paycheck to paycheck then they cannot donate due to a lack of funds.  But, sometimes, that person has certain professional skills that may be used to help the district through sometimes for liability reasons are not allowed.  My solution is for all of us to do our part in funding, volunteering and making a difference by supporting our local schools so that we, the people of this great state and country can positively influence the life if the future generations and make them better competition for the developing nations for which we are now going against.

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Jason Sewald

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