Select the Right Carpet

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Select the Right Carpet

Neutral carpet goes with everything. However, it is more prone to staining and wear and tear. When you are ready to replace your carpet, use these tips to select the right carpet. Although many people love the hardwood or wood laminate, there are still people who like the soft feeling of carpeting underfoot. However, selecting the right carpeting for a particular room and purpose can be daunting because of the available materials.

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, carpeting adds a safety measure that makes play areas safer. 

Other advantages to having carpeting can insulate rooms in both summer and winter. It can be easier on your feet than hardwood floors and many types of carpet can absorb sound better.

Choosing the right carpet may depend on the room, what it is used for and what type of traffic it gets. Here are a few things to consider:

Padding. Padding can make a difference in the way the carpet feels ad how long it lasts. The thickest or most expensive isn't necessarily the best option. It's best to match the padding to the type of carpeting you will be selecting. 

High traffic rooms may require a thicker, more durable padding. The padding actually prevents carpet backing and fibers from coming apart over time. So it you buying expensive carpet, it may behoove you to match that with a nice padding.

Berber carpet is a long lasting, tough wearing carpet for high traffic areas.Select the Right Carpet. You will want to install the right type of carpet for the right type of use of the room. If you are purchasing carpet for a high traffic area, you wouldn't want to install a plush carpet. Too much traffic will mat it down quickly. A Berber carpet is a better carpet for the high traffic areas. Itis dense and makes it highly effective for wear and tear and staining. It too, comes in many colors and textures. A bedroom, which has lower traffic, is probably a better place for something more plush. 

Many carpets come as "stain resistant" but you still may wish to add a special treatment as well (especially if you have kids or pets.) Carpets treated with an additional stain remover will allow many stains to just sit on top of the carpet rather than penetrating into the carpet.

Selecting the Right Color for your carpet is mainly an individual choice, however, remember that lighter colors show dirt and stains better.Select the Right Carpet Color. Choosing a color can come down to preference and how much the room is used. You wouldn't want to put white carpet in the kids playroom, for example. Lighter colored carpets are generally preferred because they go with most everything in a room. Light colored carpeting show stains faster. Textured, or multi-colored carpets are preferable to hide stains and can look just as elegant as a neutral carpet. However, if you are someone who would rather have your carpet accent the room rather than upstage the room, you may wish to go with neutral colors. 

Hire a Good Installer. The company you purchase the carpeting from will have installers available. They may cost more, but if your installed does a poor job, your carpet may lift or separate at the seams or work away from the walls. Be sure to hire someone you trust who will do a good job. Shop around. Get referrals. Or get the carpet company to install. 

When you walk into the carpet store, there will be sales people to help you select the right carpet. They will be asking you these same questions about where you want it, what type of traffic you have there, and what does it have to "match" (furniture, curtains, paint, etc.). Take your time when selecting your carpet. It's going to be there for a while! 


How To Clean a Stain

Here is an easy, chemical-free way to clean a stain.

Stir one teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid into 1 quart of warm water, and add 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar. Using a clean, white, absorbent cloth, again blot from the outside in. Repeat until the stain no longer transfers to the cloth. Blot with cold water, then blot dry.

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