John Lennon Asked Us To Imagine, But I Can't

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I can't imagine my life without my wife.  In recent months I came to know a woman named Sher who runs House with a Heart (  Their mission is to care for senior dogs that have been turned into shelters either by owners or as strays and give them a loving and safe place to live out the rest of their lives.  They also care for the pups of those who wish to pre-plan for their pets care when they are no longer able to be there for them.    

When I said I can't imagine my life without my wife it's because Sher's husband just past away on Saturday March 22, 2008.  He was the main provider for the family.  I can't imagine what it would be like to carry on without my wife.  I can't imagine the difficulties Sher will be facing.  I just can't imagine...  

House with a Heart is a non-profit organization and in addition to caring for senior dogs they are a boarding facility where a portion of the daily boarding fee is considered a charitable donation.  

The older I get the more important it is for me to help where I can.  So I am asking you to help, to pay it forward.  How?  There are many ways you can help:

By donations of money, services, materials.  They have a $13,000 vet debt, food and supplies needs, they need additional fencing, a patio and a pavillion roof  (

By boarding your pet at the facility (

But most importantly by spreading the word about this facility and the work that they do.  By spreading the word your reach goes farther than you can imagine.    

If I tell 100 people about House with a Heart and if all those people tell even just 1 person and those people tell just 1 person and on and on, imagine how many people can be touched and how far across the planet we can go to help someone in need.  Just imagine.  

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this and please at the very least forward my message to someone and ask them to do the same.    


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