The 5 Best Summer Home Staging Tips

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Staging homes is crucial at all times of the year. A buyer’s interest is much more likely to be stimulated by a home that they can visualize fully furnished.

There are usually season-specific considerations to staging, however. That is particularly true in summer, when buyers are paying more attention than usual to the outdoor opportunities afforded by the property. Here are a few things to consider when staging in the summer.

Deck and porch
Don’t leave a deck or porch unfurnished. Guide the buyer’s imagination of the possibilities it offers by setting up a table and chairs. A pitcher of lemonade or iced tea on the table to offer the buyers is also a nice touch. A reclinable lounging chair, ideal for sunbathing or reading, will also help buyers envision kicking back on a summer evening.

If there’s a pool, make sure there are at least a couple lounging chairs so visitors can imagine themselves relaxing by the pool on a sunny day. Replace or cover up any cushions that have become unsightly due to wear and tear.

Most importantly, the pool has to be clean. It may be impossible to prevent a leaf or two from falling in, but an accumulation of debris on the pool floor will make it very hard for buyers to get excited about taking a dip.

Putting some potted plants or flowers near the entryway can brighten up a buyer’s first impression of the home. One interior design expert told that white orchids are an easy and inexpensive way to improve a home entrance.

Weeds are an absolute no-no at a home showing. You can get away with a lackluster lawn during seasons when the grass is dead or covered in snow, but in summer it’s the first and most striking eyesore that a potential buyer will encounter. You should be working with your seller well in advance to make the front yard as green and welcoming as possible. That means putting fresh mulch into the flower beds, mowing the grass and removing any invasive species.

If there’s an ideal spot to cook burgers and hotdogs, emphasize it with a grill. If there is already one out there, that’s great, but be sure that it’s clean before a showing. Wipe off any dirt or dust that has accumulated on the outside.

Emphasize any outdoor recreation
For instance, if there is already a basketball hoop attached to the garage, make it more inviting by cleaning or even repainting the backboard. If there is no net or it’s old and unsightly, put in place a new one.

Repaint the garage
The look of the garage door will be especially noticeable during the summer. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in improving somebody’s perception of the house.

Anything else you always make sure to stage in the Summer? 


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Tony Lewis
RE/MAX of Valencia (Hall of Fame) 30 year Valencia Resident - Valencia, CA
Summit Real Estate Santa Clarita & Aliso Viejo

I am not a believer in Home Staging but then again most homes I've listed are moderately price with an average of $500,000.  This is average for a single family home in the community.  I don't see getting the added price to justify the cost.

Jul 20, 2017 11:57 AM
Sean Whaling

Have you ever tried it before or know Realtors that have? Did it make a difference? 

Jul 26, 2017 01:09 PM