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514 Thousand Acres Boreal Forest Beauty; Vilas County Wisconsin. hardwood forest


  Vilas County, just north of Oneida County, is also in the heart of tourist country in Northeastern Wisconsin, and there is a reason why the tourists flock hereSuperior beauty, ample wildlife, and great forestland.

It is a great place to raise timber and wildlife which is why you see so many smart people anxious to buy hunting land and timber land here.

  Our clients at Woodland Management Service own a fair amount of forest land in this county and they are impressed with the bountiful wildlife and timber here.

  whitetail deer


Vilas County is home to 514 thousand acres of forest land, about half of which is private land with the remainder being state, county and USFS land.

  Most of this forest land is High Quality White Pine, Red (Norway) Pine, Spruce and Fir with 200 thousand acres of these softwoods. Northern Hardwood (Maple, Basswood, Ash) also play an important role in this county with well over 100 thousand acres of this high quality timber type.  Aspen and Birch forests are also plentiful here with just under 100 thousand acres which provide premium deer and turkey habitat as well as excellent timber.  nick cruising timber

These forests are great for producing income for our clients and great habitat for Deer, Turkeys, Bear, Wolves, Grouse, and more.

  If you are interested in purchasing land in Vilas County or if you already own some and would like to learn more about how to improve this land, give me a call, our Foresters and Wildlife Specialists can help.


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