The Perfect Storm

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Halloween night of 1991 was a nightmare for some living in New England.  An unnamed storm came up that took lives and eventually gave rise to the movie, The Perfect Storm.  Living on the coast of New England can be treacherous without warning, and that fateful night was no exception.


Sometimes a perfect storm brews in our own real estate career.  We don’t have a lot of control over outside calamities and when they come, we feel desperately helpless.  That’s why it is so important to have a Plan B to counteract the perfect storm when it affects your real estate career.


These are exciting times for anyone practicing real estate and for those affiliates whose businesses mesh with real estate agents.  TEAM Hughes Real Estate School has experienced growth these past few years as the market has improved.  Lenders, surveyors, appraisers, inspectors, insurance carriers and others have grown as well.  We are all riding the crest of an affordable market.  We all also need a Plan B right along with the real estate agents so that we can weather the perfect storm when it hits.


Having a real estate career in the 1980s was a challenge.  Our country was experiencing inflation with double-digit interest rates and average market time for a listing was sometimes over 180 days.  We got through it, though, and those of us who continued our real estate career experienced great success after weathering that particular perfect storm.  Recovery was right around the corner.  To get there, though, took lead generation, positive thinking, dedication to our craft and lots of prayer.  Once recovery came about, it was tempting to take it easy, but for many of us, we listened to the voices of wisdom and kept at it.  We knew our economy was cyclical, and that sooner or later, the tides would once again turn.


Today, those of us who are enjoying success may also be tempted to take it easy, but experience reminds us older ones of the past and what could happen.  That’s why it’s important to have your Plan B in place.  I don’t know what your Plan B is, but I do know we all should have one.  Enjoying today’s success without preparing for tomorrow is not wise.  For many, getting a real estate license is their Plan B.  I suggest, however, that a real estate license be your Plan A.  Don’t put it off.  We can help you make it happen and then you can develop a Plan B.  The market is good so take advantage of it.  The perfect storm may not come for a long time; just make sure you plan for it!  TEAM Hughes Real Estate School is just the place to start.  We are back to having night classes as well as our One-Week Fast Track, so check us out and let us help you prepare for a perfect storm that you’ll be able to ride out if it does, in fact, show up.

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