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Keep Motivation High Through the Summer

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When you run a busy brokerage, it’s important to keep your agents’ motivation and productivity high. They look to you to set the tone for the business, so be sure you’re modeling the right behavior. Here’s how:


Keep the lines of communication open. The best way to model the strategies for the way you want your agents to communicate with your clients is to exhibit them every time you interact with your agents. Be honest and respectful, listen to them and pick up on body language cues as well. If there’s miscommunication, use it as a learning opportunity to discuss the situation with your agents so they’ll know what to do if faced with a similar situation with their clients.


Encourage training opportunities. Training and professional learning opportunities allow your agents to sharpen their skills and become better at what they offer their clients. Growth is essential for success. Share opportunities for growth and development, including classes and events. Referral Maker CRM for Teams allows you to see who in your office is a top performer and who may need more training to improve their production.


Become a mentor. Your agents want someone who will help them reach their potential and offer advice and support when needed. Schedule time with your agents regularly to ask them about their goals, concerns, and triumphs and where they see themselves in the business. Take an active interest in their lives and businesses and they’ll feel they’re an essential part of your brokerage.


Referral Maker CRM was designed to make it easy and fun to work by referral. We made it even easier for brokers to interact with their teams and keep track of their productivity. Click here to learn more.

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