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As a fairly recent franchisee of Real Living, I was asked, "Why Real Living?" at Momentum (our annual convention) this past weekend.  Of course I started with the predictable answers of the technology we offer our agents and the agent-centric culture, but it is FAR more than that.

So many real estate companies focus on numbers that don't really mean anything.  The one I was with previously (as a Broker Associate, not as the Broker) really focused on recruiting and the number of agents in an office.  When asked why, the response was always the same: "We recruit a lot because so many new agents don't make it."  Isn't that setting them up for failure?  Why not stop the revolving door of real estate.

I would rather take a smaller number of agents and coach them for success -- all of them -- than have a huge office where people are constantly coming and going.  I hate to say this to my fellow Realtors(TM), but this business is not rocket science.  Maybe the initial answer to the revolving door problem is to not let everyone in the door in the first place.  To be honest, I don't care about the number of agents in an office -- I care about the productivity of the people who are there.

And that's where Real Living's culture enters the picture.  As a company, they "get it" -- they understand that traditional real estate is evolving, and will continue to evolve.  There are always new challenges.  A few years ago it was the discounters -- now it's the aggregators and DOJ investigations into anti-competitive MLS practices.  One thing is certain - the business WILL change even more in the future.  By looking outward rather than inward we can lead the charge rather than waiting to react to what happens.

A company that "gets it" understands that it is the agents who have to be ready to face the changes, and helps prepare them with the new skills they will need to be successful in the future of our business.  It means focusing on how new programs and policies will affect the agent's ability for success, and making that the FIRST question asked when considering what to do.  It means giving agents (and brokers) the freedom to race ahead - to explore new approaches and use the new technologies, all while providing the support and resources of a traditional real estate company.  It's about understanding who our customers, agents and network partners are and what they need for success - and minimizing the "administrivia" that generates meaningless reports.  It is the truest definition of the word entrepreneur.

Hearing Harley & Kaira Rouda, Stefan Swanepoel, Bernice Ross and Kim Ades speak just reinforced all of this.  I've been with 3 other major real estate companies (all names you've heard), and it's obvious they don't "get it."  I know why Stefan calls Real Living the most promising new brand in real estate -- it's because we get it.

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Sara Bonert
Zillow - Atlanta, GA
Real Estate Internet Marketing

Congrats on the new franchise purchase.  You are right that a very talented group of people are running this company.  They espicially have their finger on technology and the value of branding.  I heard the conference  was excellent.  All the best to you!


May 13, 2008 03:02 PM
Chris Svec
Chris Svec - Columbus, OH


It was great seeing you at Momentum.  Glad you are a part of our family in Houston!

May 14, 2008 02:56 AM
Scott Hoyt
Founding Partner, ChangingStreets.com - Cary, NC

Well said

Best of Luck in Houston.

May 14, 2008 05:14 AM
Andrew Magliochetti CCIM
Helios Realty and Development - Chicago, IL

Welcome to the network from Real Living Helios Realty in Chicago.  Great blog post - you hit the nail on the head.


May 14, 2008 07:27 AM
Ann Banos
Real Living, LifeStyles Realty - Austin, TX
Broker, Real Living

Great Post---I get asked the question "why Real Living" all the time and you said it so very well.. I am so happy to be with the very best real estate company. I looked for about 3 years and researched many different companies and RL really does get it....Real Living is going to be a huge player in the years to come and I'm looking forward to our future growth with much anticipation.

See you soon--Texas neighbor...


May 14, 2008 01:07 PM