It’s a New Day

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Ever wake up knowing it’s a new day and you are so glad yesterday is gone?  We’ve all heard the adages, for example, tomorrow’s another day, joy comes in the morning, there’s a new day coming.  How would these sayings relate to a real estate career?  We all have bad days that we’re glad to see come and go, but a bad day for a real estate agent can be monumentally destructive.


There are times things appear to be going well.  That closing date is getting closer and you can finally take that vacation or pay those bills.  Two days before closing you get the call.  It doesn’t matter who makes the call.  We all dread the call.  With that call comes the news that your closing is not going to happen.  There is no mistaking the lump in the pit of your stomach.  The rest of the day is a down-hill blur.  All you know is that the money isn’t coming in.  That one piece of information can affect the entire immediate family, friends, relatives and co-workers.  As you sink into your recliner, after you’ve mulled it over and over in your mind, after you’ve talked it out with several people, you cannot wait to get into bed because you know tomorrow is a new day.


The morning comes, it’s a new day, and reality is a little easier to fathom.  Now you can plan, now you can attack the problem, and now you can get back on the horse and become a winner again.  Such is the life of a real estate agent.  The fun parts, the glamorous parts, and the easy parts will come back to you.  I promise.  It’s a new day after all.  We all take our licks and we all take our turns at downsides.  Life is not always a bed of roses, and neither is a real estate career.  Those of us in the industry must develop broad shoulders, we cannot take things personally, and we must know tomorrow is a new day.  People are human, people will disappoint you, and people dictate whether you will close the transaction.  Be ready for disappointments because they will come.


It's a new day and we can put those disappointments behind us.  What’s great about a real estate career is that we can start over any time we need to.  We learn from the disappointments and the mistakes, and we strive to be better the next time.  I have so much respect for the REALTORS® and real estate agents out there who can face problems head-on and who don’t let difficulties define them.


If you need a real estate class, you need to be with positive instructors.  At TEAM Hughes Real Estate School, you won’t hear our political views or social commentaries.  You’ll get the best real estate education in the area.  Be good to yourself and use TEAM Hughes for your real estate career.  Every new day is a chance to change your life – come change it with us!

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Peter Mohylsky. Broker
Miramar Beach, Florida - Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Thanks for sharing this with us, have a super day and enjoy the fantastic weather here along the emerald coast.

Jul 31, 2017 04:03 AM
Carrie Hughes

Thanks, Peter, for commenting on the blog, and yes, we are enjoying this weather!

Jul 31, 2017 01:55 PM