Here we are- beginning the month of August! I find almost everyday in the real estate world, something can provide a learning experience, if an Agent is open to it.

The following are bullets that I've experienced in the 17+ yrs I've been in the business, thought I'd share in the event it may help someone else. :-)

  • Don't assume your client is satisfied with your performance as their agent. I've certainly run into this a couple of times as of recently, as a matter of fact, which might have prompted this Blog! You may think you're doing your best, but they think otherwise and sometimes its just  little thing(s).
  • Always be listening to your Client more than talking to them. As the old saying goes, that's why we have 2 ears and one mouth. You'd be surprised how much better the relationship goes, when this practice is put in place.
  • Response is key, especially quick response. Consumers like that!
  • On a personal note, I almost always seem to pull away something in Inspections that seemingly, I never knew. Therefore, coinciding with the title of this Blog.
  • In place Systems and organization are key in being a successful Realtor. Follow ups, staying in touch with past Clients, prospecting, are all systems that enhance the career of being an Agent.
  • When I come across a difficult Client, I always try to work around whatever it is that is difficult- It's a challenge to me in a crazy sort of way, LOL. By working past this hurdle it prepares an Agent for the future of a not so easy Client, whether similar instance or not. 
  • Seeking out what other Successful agents do = again, a great learning tool. It expands thoughts on what can be done to amplify your own career in Real Estate.

Last but not least, your mindset can help or hinder your day. You have to be able to roll with punches in such a career. As trying as it is a times, I don't let myself get down in the event things are going wrong. Every problem has a solution, it just needs to be found!

Happy Summer! It's going quickly!