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I feel certain that many of you have tried at least one monthly gift box at one time or another.  I have tried a few, as well as gifted some also.  It is like getting a surprise in the mail each month.  And I look forward to new offers in the future.  

Right now, a friend gifted me a BirchBox.  BirchBox is a beauty box subsciption that comes once a month.  It includes 5 product samples for either hair or makeup or skin care.  I filled out a questionnaire at the beginning of my subscription to let BirchBox know my preferences.  I have had a fun year so far!  I've tried out a couple of dry shampoos that were really nice.  And the makeup colors may not have always been my first choice - but I have granddaughters and friends to share those with.  I've enjoyed the different mascaras, since I get to see the variety of brushes that are used.  All in all, this has been a fun subscription.  Especially as a gift!  You can't beat it.  

I've also tried Blue Apron.  Now, for those of you that aren't familiar with Blue Apron.  It is a food subscription box that comes weekly.  You can pick and choose what weeks you want the box.  It comes with cute containers of fresh ingredients and recipe cards.  You supply your willingness to prepare the meal!  The recipes are easy to follow and the food has been quite tasty.  And once you've participated with Blue Apron for a few times, they give you free meal codes to share with your friends and family.  That is a very nice touch.  

For our pets, you can't beat BarkBox or KitNipBox.  Our furry babies love to get their monthly subscription as well!  The BarkBox and the KitNipBox bring toys and treats.  And it is funny how, after the box arrives a few times, your pets begin to think that every box at the door is theirs!  The dog would race around with a new toy.  And the cat would dump the box, so that it was empty and ready to sit in.  After all, a cat's motto is "if it fits - I sits."  LOL.  

I know there are many more gift box subscriptions out there.  If you'd like to share a favorite of yours, I'd love to hear about it!  And if you are looking to buy or sell a home - you know that's my favorite gift box of all!  


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