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I received this in my email from a good friend and I got a good laugh but then again is it really funny? So now it's time for some good news and news of the strange and unusual.

Swallowed alive and lived to tell the tale

My brother sent this Associated Press story from WRAL.com to me via e-mail with the Web site headline, "Turtle Eaten by Golden Retriever Lives."

A small pet turtle in Brandon, Fla., was swallowed alive by the family dog. The red-eared slider and his buddies had been moved inside to protect them from the cold when the dog snuck into the room for an unexpected snack.

The 12-year-old guardian of the turtles insisted on attempts to save Pepper from this terrible fate, according to accounts posted in the Tampa Tribune.

Through the advice of a local vet, vomiting was induced and soon after, Pepper popped out. He was alive, although somewhat injured and shaken, after 10 minutes inside Bella's digestive system.

At the time of this report, Pepper had been patched up to repair his shell, and the dog was OK, despite what could have resulted in a serious obstruction to its system.

Dog credited with saving hikers

Stranded climbers on Mount Hood in Oregon stayed warm by snuggling with a dog along for the climb. They were rescued alive and well.

Velvet's legs suffered minor cuts and abrasions during the ordeal, but the dog is doing fine as one of a long list of hero pets.

The canine is a Labrador mix. How about that? A mixed breed dog saved those people. No fancy papers or royal bloodlines. She's just a great dog.

I guess I should not knock the folks too hard who pay $1,500 or much more for their dogs. I would prefer they go the rescue route, but if you must, you must, as long as the purchase is directly from a quality breeder - only.

But give me a mixed breed or a good a mutt any time. In the grand scheme of things, they're just as valuable.

I would assume that those climbers wouldn't trade Velvet now for the fanciest pet on the planet. What I'm saying is, they all have great worth.

I can tell you first hand that dogs can keep you warm, as my wife and I are frequently huddled up with our furry friends for long winter nights and for what we call movie nights.

In that regard, Moe (the Basset Hound) can't wait for the release of the new feature film, Underdog. But alas, he'll have to wait for the DVD, because he won't be allowed to purchase a theater ticket.

Maybe there is a way. If the Star-News front office will issue him a press badge, he could get in as a canine movie critic. We could gain admittance as animal film critics Egret and Rover.

Wanted: pet lover

While looking for news stories on the Mount Hood rescue, I found a link to a Web site that offers dating connections for animal lovers.

Animalattraction.com's trademark slogan is "Where Pet Lovers Meet."

Fortunately for our band of beasts, my wife and I are equally devoted to our pets and animal rescue. Sometimes friends and family look at us with a turned head, but for us, the animalistic connection is a good one.

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