8 DIY Tips to Increase Your Home's Value

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Finding ways to increase a home's value might seem like a daunting and very expensive task. But don't let the idea intimidate you! There are plenty of DIY things that can be done to grow a home’s curb appeal, and nearly all of them can be done in a weekend. 



Painting can be a low-cost way to upgrade the interior or exterior of any home. The great thing about this upgrade, is if you schedule out a weekend or a few days of your week, you can pick the colors and easily paint it yourself instead of outsourcing it. A fresh coat of paint makes the rooms look new and updated – but remember to stick to neutral colors so they appeal to a larger number of people.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping 

Planting or boxing new shrubs or flowers is an instant way to add more curb appeal to your home. It’s more cost efficient to make sure to find low-maintenance plants that are native to the area so they can last through the seasons.  


Update Bathroom Fixtures 

Making the bathroom a little more modern will do wonders for the home’s value. Even if it’s something simple as replacing the faucets or sink, to bigger upgrades such installing a new tub and tile.


Paint Old Kitchen Cabinets 

Instead of buying new cabinets, a simple DIY fix could give the whole kitchen a face-lift. By just paining the kitchen cabinets and perhaps buying some new door handles could take a small, unappealing kitchen into a bright, drool-worthy masterpiece.    


Makeover the Entry Door

The front door has a LOT to do with a home’s curb appeal. If you really want to make an impression, change what your buyers are going to see first – the front door! It could be a simple DIY fix, such as refinishing the existing door and less than a day’s worth of time to sand and repaint it. Or you could even go all out and reframe the entire entryway with a new door. Either way, the outcome would add priceless value to your home. 

Pressure Wash the Exterior 

Depending on where your home is located, the weather may take a heavy toll on the exterior. A simple DIY tip would be to rent a pressure washer from the local home improvement store and pressure wash the exterior, and maybe even the driveway to wash away all the dirt and build up.


Get New Outlet Plates 

This tip is self-explanatory. Sometimes, especially in older houses, the outlet plates may look…not so appealing. To create a more uniform, subtle update, just replace the old plates for new ones.


Remove Popcorn Ceilings 

There are very few structural elements that can date your home like popcorn ceilings can. But fortunately, it can be an easy DIY fix! Pick up some solution at your local home improvement store to soften the popcorn, and then use a large spackle knife to scrape it off. Removing the popcorn ceilings might not seem like a necessary fix, but it’s always important to remove or repair anything that could turn future buyers away.  


What are some of your favorite DIY tips for increasing a home's value? Leave your suggestions in the comments below! 






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