Zillow Steers RealEstate.com Towards Millennials

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Zillow came out first saying they will market to sellers charge a 9% commission and bring offers from a "select group of in house investors", as they are in the process of gearing up for a more active part in the real estate transaction.


Put it bluntly they have raped and pillaged every agent from NY to Los Angeles and that wasn't enough! Now they want to have a direct piece of pie. No more seconds. That brass ring of reaching $90 a share on the stock market and a quick cash out for the one of the biggest pyramid scams is about to take place. Hold on Zillow!


Here is their mission statement,to go where no other online RE entity has gone before. On;ine transactions with in house title and escrow and lending. One stop shopping!


There is only one thing horribly wrong.... Zillow sucks at the one thing they think they have mastered, silly over educated deminions. Home Values!! When a house sells and has been financed appraised recorded, that is the value!!!! Not what value Zillows algorithms have pulled out of thin air. What part of its worth what someone will pay! Period! Z is not the almighty which explains why they are in litigation over home values, lol.


This is great for Millennials since they do not communicate except to text and email. That Zillow got right! I know I'm the Mother of one! Buyers of the future!





Zillow Group houses a portfolio of the largest and most vibrant real estate and home-related brands on the web and mobile. Our mission is to build the largest, most trusted and vibrant home-related marketplace in the world.
Zillow Group is owned, fueled and grown by innovators who help people make better, smarter decisions around all things home. We encourage one another at every level, and our efforts are supported by employee-driven, world-class benefits that enable us to enjoy our lives outside the office while building fulfilling careers that impact millions of individuals every day.


RealEstate.com serves as the ultimate resource for first-time home buyers, offering easy-to-understand tools and expert advice at every stage in the process.

Why’d we decide to focus on first timers? To start, you represent 42 percent of all home buyers out there. That’s a pretty big hunk of the pie. And, truth be told, you’re underserved. Solid information — specific to your age, stage and needs — is hard to come by.

Why trust us? We represent some of Zillow Group’s most talented and knowledgeable developers, designers and writers, gathered together — think-tank style — to create a custom experience just for you. But maybe even more important, we understand your struggle. We’ve been there (or are there) and think it stinks to make one of life’s biggest decisions without a roadmap.

We’ve worked hard to make sure your experience is next-level. Here’s what makes us a bit different from the rest:


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Realtor simple guideline to guesstimate a Homes values! Comparing apples with oranges? How to set values for embellishments? Do you think the old adage of Value equals Location, Location, Location, is true? Views, Pools, special interest additions can add desirability, and then Granite Counters, Travertine flooring, condition, square footage and any embellishments, upgrades, updates you can add to a property is worth 60-70% of the cost. This value will also be depreciated over time. Example would you consider if a twenty year old solid oak cabinette's
value even in good condition is equal in value to cabinets in the newer current color, or are they? Objective would be desirability.

Location is the basis for value. Like Homes within a one mile radius share values, and can be evaluated by sales per square foot within the last 3+ months. Pulses

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