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One of our grandsons is visiting from Maine and his time here has been wonderful for me.  I don’t normally get to have grandchildren visit because they all live far away.  Having our 10-year old grandson has been educational, comforting and joyous and I am continually reminded that it’s the little things in life that are the most important.  Having a 10-year old caress my face or hug me and tell me he loves me is at times overwhelming.  I really like having him here.


It’s the little things that count in a solid real estate career as well.  I remember clients and customers telling me how thoughtful I was and how important I made them feel.  It was nice to hear back then and I didn’t think much about it until I came to a point in life where I no longer had clients or customers.  That’s what catapulted me back into an active career of being a real estate instructor.  Now I get to treat our students the way I treated clients and customers because they have entrusted us with a very special goal in their lives.  It’s the little things that we sometimes take for granted and sometimes don’t appreciate.  As a REALTOR®, you should always keep your clients’ or customers’ needs in the forefront ahead of your own needs. 


Staying in touch with clients and customers is one of the little things that will set you apart from other real estate agents.  Noting birthdays, anniversaries and other important events for future “touches” goes a long way in emphasizing someone’s importance.  Many consumers have wonderful experiences with real estate agents, but when asked the particular agent’s name, about 83% of those consumers cannot remember it!  With technology the way it is today, why wouldn’t you have a campaign set up to make sure you stay in touch?  It’s the little things that will keep your name in front of the consumer, and this can now be accomplished easily with contact management systems.


TEAM Hughes Real Estate School uses a system that contacts former students and asks for feedback.  It’s not that expensive of a program, and although we are not into public relations the way a real estate agent should be, it does keep our school name in front of our former students.  You should be doing something similar because it’s the little things that count toward making a consumer value you as a real estate professional.


TEAM Hughes Real Estate School is getting ready to present a 72-Hr. broker’s class in October.  The first thing we did was to let our former students know about it.  We then set about the task of enlisting vendors to furnish dinners for the 15-night course because we value our students’ time, efforts and commitment to this course.  Because it’s the little things that count, we felt dinner would be a major help to the students.  For more information on how we are helping our students, contact us and we’ll share with you the other little things that will enhance the broker’s course.

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Shahar Hillel
Augusta Financial Inc. - Stevenson Ranch, CA
Mortgage Consultant, Loan Officer.


You are right, there are no small details.

All details are important.

Aug 20, 2017 12:58 AM
Carrie Hughes

Thanks, Shahar, for reading and commenting on the blog.

Aug 20, 2017 04:41 AM