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Mr. Seller Do you Really Want to Sell?

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Mr. Seller Do you Really Want to Sell?

Lately I have seen a rash of homes I wanted to either show or preview, and I simply could not get appointments for. One in particular wanted 24 hour notice, so I thought that's ok, I can go the next day. Can I Make An AppointmentBut lo and behold, clicking on that day to set an appointment showed the entire day was all blocked off, no showings that day. OK I try day 3. Can only show from 10-2. Really? I am pretty flexible, and will jump through hoops, but sometimes there are just too many hoops to get through.

I almost hate to admit it, but I gave up. I passed on getting into the house I thought may be one my clients may like. I hate that because it may have been 'the one.'

But then I thought no, I don't hate it. Why? Because if they are that unwilling to get people in to see it, how will they be to negotiate? How will they be when repair lists are presented. In my mind, they were screaming, "I don't want to sell, not really." To have a buyer fall in love with a home that meets their dream list, and then lose it because the owners really didn't want to sell, well that is what I would hate the most.

So for all of you out there who are getting ready to place your home on the market, think about that. Do you really want to sell? Are you really ready? Will you let me in if I have someone ready, willing and able to buy your home?  If not, I may pass again. And I really hate that thought, for you and my buyer.

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Mr. Seller Do you Really Want to Sell?