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Well, I am at the age now that I am starting to think about my own retirment. It's impossible. The sad truth is that I won't be retiring anytime soon.


However, there are millions of baby boomers who WILL be in this position, if not already! They ALL need the same things. A smaller, affordable, manageable home. A single level, with a garage. Ammenities that they will actually USE and enjoy..without screaming children taking up the majority of the pool and clubhouse.

They will often have to sell their current home. Many times they will buy another, or they will decide to rent.


I have helped many find rentals. But the problem with rentals for seniors is that they don't want to have to move, if the owner decides to sell. AND the rental prices go up yearly, and they are on a budget that won't increase enough to cover the increased rent.

I have had many clients recently who have downsized and needed help finding another home. Many elders stay put for years, and accumulate a LOT of stuff from travels, and years of collecting. It's a job just to go through it all to decide what is necessary to kepp and what is not.

I am happy to say that I now have a group of resources ready to help them.

I have a stager, for instance,  who will take their existing furniture, and disguise it using sofa covers and table tops, small accessories and wall hangings, and other small accessorites that make a huge differnce.

I have an organizer who can help them come in an decide what goes and what stays.

I have a packer who helps them pack their belongings. I have movers, and handymen ready to take on the jobs they need done.

I am well versed in ALL the 55+ communities in Orange County and Palm Desert area. (Wow...did you know you could buy a STUNNING 2200 sq ft single level in a Del Web 55+ community for under $400,000 in Indio or palm Desert?)


Irvine, Ca. is an EXPENSIVE place to live. With average homes costing $900,000 for a semi-attached condo, it is hard as heck to find suitable housing for our senior community.  

I keep thinking about what is going to happen when ALL of us baby boomers are looking for single level homes in affordable communities? There isn't going to be enough housing!! And will most of us be forced to leave the city?

It's a problem, I think we have not begun to address.

Sher Sheldon

Irvine, Ca.









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