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Our listing just went under contract that day. I had just filled out the paperwork and handed it into my office when I received this call. "Hi Debbie...my name is Kit Bate. I am the Loan officer for the buyer. I just wanted to introduce myself and see if you had any questions." I fainted right there in my office. It took the office staff 10 minutes to revive me. Just kidding. But I was shocked. In all my years in Real Estate this was a first.

Through out the whole transaction Kit answered and returned calls, kept me informed, and from our conversation got the buyer an amazing deal and did not use all the closing costs, so my sellers got more money back then anticipated!!!! It was the best service that I have seen in a long time. So while part of me wants to keep him a secret another part of me wants to see him in business for a LONG time. So here is his contact info. He is with Wells Fargo and his number is 801-304-4823.

Just tell him that I sent you, because of course, the greatest compliment we call can receive is a referral from another.

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Utah Dave
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The coolest part about that.  Now you see a level that your buyers will do the same thing you are doing.  Emulate that and our buyers will do the same for us! :)   Thanks for your comments. Im excited you got the book!  I havent heard from Jeremy Jones as yet.  Kahuna Rainmaking is coming soon.  I definitely will give you the scoop.  I love your energy and your passion.   Its a daily thing to get motivated.  Its normal to go what you are going through.    One of my friends, Dave Duffin, who started Zuka Juice and merged it with Jamba Juice, and now he owns Rumbi Island Grill said to me once, "Dave, every day, I get on my treadmill and I have to psyche myself up for the day.  I go over all my goals while on my treadmill and I pump myself up that Im going to have a great day and that Im going to accomplish all my goals and that Im going to build a great company."     Its a daily routine...that is a mind excercise.   I always start my day off with what Im grateful for first.  This puts me into a postive mode which brings inspiration and creative thought and fuels my day.    You hear the saying...got off on the wrong side of the bed?  Start your day right.  You can do it!

May 15, 2008 05:59 AM
Benjamin Clark
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Debbie - It just proves that you can't judge a loan officer solely by the company they work for. There are great loan officers at all companies and just because you have a bad experience with a company, it might just have been the person you were working with. If he keeps delivering good experiences, he will likely earn the coveted repeat and referral business!

Aug 27, 2008 10:49 AM
Elayna Fernandez
The Positive Mom - Irving, TX
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 I really applaud your attitude.  Some people would never blog about this, but this goes to show you really appreciate "excellent service" and you are so sure you practice it in your every transaction, that you will preach about everyone who hops on you on your "excellent service" boat.

Kee pit up!

Elayna Fernandez, Designed 2 Impress, Inc.

Oct 25, 2008 05:14 PM