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StrategyMortgage Planning is NEW and most definitley in style, and can help build bigger and better nest eggs. Mortgage Planning involves STRATEGY and setting a Financial BALANCE. Do you have a loan with the best performance? What is the financial impact of your loan on your ability to save? What is the financial advantage of taking the increase savings and investing it into an asset driven accumulation account? What if you repay your loan early? When will you have the freedom to live mortgage payment FREE?

All these are questions I present and answer for my clients. Is my client focus on paying off his/her mortgage as soon as possible? What is the best mortgage by which to do just that? Or is my client in need of cash flow? Mortgage Planning is in Style! I highly recommend you consider sititing down with a mortgage planner.

Sitting down with a mortgage planner is more than finding a mortgage. Mortgage planning is highlighting your goals, short term and long term, and applying planning technology and experience to create a total Personalized Mortgage STRATEGY. Have you taken an in-dept look at your complete equity and debt positions? As a broker of money I believe it is my obligation to help you review your ENTIRE Equity position. We make sure your mortgage is fine tuned and does not inhibit the pace at which you can reach your goals.

Be in STYLE, and ahead of the CURVE, begin planning your personalized mortgage plan today! Being so NEW Who do you call? Is there a mortgage planner in your neighborhood? Is it a bank? Is it your Financial Planner? A Mortgage Planner has a unique specific set of software tools, and a wide portfolio of wholesale lender and product connections by which to integrate information, technology and today's market. The ability to do this is a quite remarkable, and most certainly "In Style". As CEO of Good Friend Mortgage my brokerage is committed to not only brokering money, but to this intergration of knowledge, innovative market products and pricing, and the personal guest to optimize financial situations. Only 10% of Mortgage brokers are mortgage planners, and there is a difference. A mortgage planner will map out and prepare a strategy. If you would like to work with Good Friend Mortgage, or be recommended to a mortgage planner in your neighborhood, you are welcome to email me for further information, Debbie@GoodFriendMortgage.com Be in Style, check it out!

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