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It seems a bit strange to me that I love the Avengers.  If I were 9 years old, my imagination would run rampant and I would become an Avenger.  Avengers are the coolest superheroes ever!  I would become an Avenger, and if I couldn’t do that, then I would become an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.  


I know there are many superheroes in the comic fantasy world, but for some reason, I want to become an Avenger.  Of course, I speak metaphorically about this.  After all, I am female, 68 years old, and hardly a candidate to become an Avenger!  My heart, however, belongs to a youngster with a vivid imagination who lives in a world of superheroes.  Because of this, I can overcome as I become an Avenger.  Becoming an Avenger isn’t just about fighting bad guys.  It’s about overcoming challenges, making someone’s world better, leaving a mark where you stepped.  It’s all about being the best.


As I thought about this blog, I thought about tying it into slaying dragons, looking for a few good men, being the best you can be, all the clever slogans designed to push us to excellence.  I chose to become an Avenger because we want to be superheroes, and since we can’t really become an Avenger, where else might we exercise overcoming challenges and making a difference in the world?  You guessed it!  You REALTORS® are the target for this blog!  I would so love to see a business card with the Avengers symbol on it!  I would enjoy hearing a REALTOR® profess to being an Avenger in the real estate industry.  It would please me to meet someone with the heart of an Avenger who fights for a consumer who has a dream that comes before anything else. 


You can become an Avenger!  You can overcome the challenges of lead generation.  You can slay the FSBO who is difficult to list.  You can assist the unwilling buyer who can’t decide which house to buy.  You can be a superhero to the first-time homebuyer.  You, and only you, can follow through with past contacts.  You, and only you, can turn leads into transactions.  Become an Avenger in this complex world of real estate.  Sharpen your skills, invest in yourself, and make things happen!  Don’t be satisfied with floor duty that brings no calls.  You make the calls.  Don’t be satisfied with no listing inventory.  You knock on their doors.  Don’t work incognito.  You wear that name badge with confidence and pride, and let everyone you know understand they should put your name out to everyone they know.


We have a broker course starting October 16th and if you take advantage of it, you will become an Avenger!  You will take another step toward success and you will not regret it!  TEAM Hughes Real Estate School is a school of Avengers and we are looking for students who want to take their business to the next level.  Check us out and join our broker class!

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William Feela
Realtor, Whispering Pines Realty 651-674-5999 No.

In todfay's world, or I should say my world, when I get a client into ahome that they never thought they could for what ever reason, I become the super hero

Aug 16, 2017 06:09 AM
Carrie Hughes

Absolutely!  Thanks for sharing, William!

Aug 16, 2017 06:29 AM