Tuesday, The Day After

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Hello All,

     Well, yesterday was not too good on Wallstreet was it?  Wow. 


Back on Topic!

     Today has been going very well, I had a very nice meeting with another member of our online community, and lets just say I was very impressed.  Now, I can't give you his name, because that would be doing so without his consent (and besides this blog is about what is going on in my head, not to point people in any given direction).  I hope that we can both benefit from the relationship that begun this morning.


     On to another topic.  Got a quick question for those of you who actually read this thing.  Lately my wife (Joanna) has been under a ton of stress about her up coming art show that she is preparing for.  My question is very simple.  Should I suprize her and take her out for a fun day of no art and no mortgage talk this weekend?  I'm thinking of taking her to Disneyland for the day.  What do you all think???






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My husband did this once and while I was surprised, it doesn't mean I was 100% pleased.  You know your wife best though :)

I did have a great time but returned more stressed than ever.

Feb 28, 2007 03:15 PM