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While the Short Sale days of the previous decade are for the most part behind us, the reality is that there are still hundreds of homes "under water" in Arizona.


While it's true that not every property facing foreclosure in Sun City West is "under water", may of them are, and unfortunately many homeowners still don't understand that the likelihood is they will be far better off doing a Short Sale of their Sun City West home than allowing their Sun City West home to be sold at auction on the courthouse steps! 


Short Sales are "regular resales" with one big difference.  


Your lender(s) must agree to accept less than the amount(s) owed on your loan(s).


While there are many details regarding Short Sale Seller financial circumstances and the hardship they face, the bottom line is that most lenders prefer to stop foreclosure in favor of processing a Short Sale where the Seller is able to procure a Fair Market Value contract for their home.


After all, why foreclose on a home in Sun City West when the net result will be less money to the lender(s) than processing and approving a Short Sale in Sun City West?


To find out how you can Short Sale your Sun City West home contact us for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL Short Sale consultation with an experienced and qualified Sun City West Short Sale Listing Agent.


The consultation will include a comprehensive description of the Short Sale process, and information to help you determine whether pursuing a Short Sale is the best course of action.


Again, if you or someone you know is considering a Short Sale, we invite you to contact us to schedule a free, confidential, no obligation Short Sale consultation today!


We have Sold and Closed every Short Sale we have listed since June 2011 - most recently in April 2017, 2 lenders, under contract January 30, 2017, Approved in March 2017, and closed in April 2017.  Our overall Short Sale Track Record is greater than 95%!


Watch what one of our dozens of happy Short Sale Sellers have to say about the Short Sale Process and Haven Express!







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If you are considering a Traditional or Short Sale of your home in Phoenix, Scottsdale or any location in Maricopa County Arizona, you owe it to yourself to talk with Haven Express @ Keller Williams Arizona Realty to determine whether Tony and Suzanne Marriott are the best real estate Brokers in the Phoenix and Scottsdale metropolitan area to help you with the Successful Sale of your home.

Tony and Suzanne have personally Listed, Sold and Closed more than a hundred Short Sales with the highest list to close rate in the Phoenix Metro Area!

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