These are the fastest-growing cities in Alabama

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We published an article ranking the fastest growing cities in the entire state of Alabama.

Only cities of 10,000 or more people in 2016 were featured on our list.


1. Fairhope: growth rate of 25.84 percent, adding 3,988 new residents

2. Daphne: 18.80 percent, adding 4,101 new residents

3. Auburn: 17.42 percent, adding 9,364 new residents

4. Chelsea: 16.62 percent, adding 1,759 new residents

5. Foley: 15.39 percent, adding 2,348 new residents

6. Athens: 15.31 percent, adding 3,372 new residents

7. Calera: 15.02 percent, adding 1,761 new residents

8. Opelika: 12.82 percent, adding 3,393 new residents

9. Phenix City: 11.88 percent, adding 3,942 new residents

10. Gulf Shores: 11.59 percent, adding 1,214 new residents


To read the entire article, follow this link:

What are the fastest growing cities in Alabama?

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