How to Avoid Low Values on VA Appraisals

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Title:  How to Avoid Low Values on VA Appraisals

Karen Deis, Publisher,  


Way back in 2003, the Veterans Adminstration launched the "Tidewater Appraisal Process",  allowing appraisers to request additional sales information prior to the completion of the appraisal. 

If the VA appraisers in your area are NOT using this process, they need to be reported to the Veterans Adminstration by you and your lender.  

Key points of the process are:

  • It allows interested parties the opportunity to provide additional sales data that may support the contract price.
  • VA fee appraisers are required (Key word being REQUIRED) to notify the listed Point of Contact (POC) on the appraisal request when it appears that the appraised value will be lower than the sales price of the subject property.  That POC can be the loan officer, real estate agent, etc. 
  • The POC has 2 working days to provide additional closed sales information to the fee appraiser in the same format as a comparable sales grid.
  • The POC may provide executed pending sales contracts including all addenda with a brief narrative explaining similarities and differences to the subject property. 
  • Appraiser will complete the appraisal using an addendum entitled Tidewater.  If the value does not meet or exceed the sales price, the appraiser must explain why the additional information was not sufficient. 

So, if you are a real estate agent, be sure to have back-up comps available in case you get a call from a VA appraiser. 

If you are a lender, make sure that the VA appraiser is following the rules. 

Submitted by Karen Deis, Publisher., an online ezine keeping mortgage companies up to date on the rules and regulations.  

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