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Staging your listing to sell, What does it mean?

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I'm sure a lot of people have heard the buzz word "Staging" when it comes to selling a home. There are several shows on HGTV that are specifically about Staging. I thought there may be a need to clarify some aspects of staging to the general public.

Staging is a specialized form of marketing your home to sell. Staging is not just decorating or filling a space with furniture and accessories. A trained professional uses what are called "merchandising" techniques to showcase a homes best features and create an emotional attachment to a home with potential home buyers. There are companies out there who claim to be stagers that do nothing more than decorate, or less than that deliver some furniture and some accessories to fill up a room. I would suggest that the consumer ask a lot of questions of any potential staging companies they interview and find out if they even know what "merchandising" means.

Staging should involve color coordination, paint color scemes, furniture placement for best showcasing a property, accents that draw the eye to specific selling features and inviting vignettes that creat emotion in the buyer to visualize themself living in the home. Staging de-personalizes a home that is lived in to remove items that are distracting or polarizing in a buyer's mind. It isn't meant to make you feel your home isn't livable in it's current condition, it is meant to appeal to a wide audience of potential buyer's to acheive your goal of a quick sell.

The other very important aspect of staging is to set your home apart from the crowd, to make it memorable. With a very competitive Real Estate market staging can be one of your most vital tools to win the sale over another home that is similar in price and style.

Our company has over 10 years experience in the unique market of Model Home Merchandising. We bring these skills to each of our staging projects to showcase each listing to it's best potential. Don't settle for anything less when you hire a stager.