How do Silicon Valley buyers feel about our Santa Cruz Home Prices?

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Santa Clara Valley residents have battled the Beach traffic whoa's of Hwy 17 forever.  As these tourist visitors stop into our Open Houses, you will hear many share the stories of their family trips to our town and its beach's that date back to their youth.  I am sure with years of visits here, many feel that they too, are Santa Cruz Locals. A tough sell to those living here. Although, surely most all I meet are wonderful people, and much of our local revenue comes from tourism, so we are happy they want to visit. 
That beautiful green fertile farm valley with endless orchards of Cherry Trees grew to a huge urban area. Who could of ever guessed that in this same farmland some of the worlds most brilliant minds would come together to create over time, The Technology Center of the world!   
With this massive industry growth land values are some of the most expensive in the United States. San Francisco, possibly the worlds Social Media Mecca, and the Bay Area Peninsula in between the two counties are possibly even more expensive!
Our valley visitors are use to living in a climate with warm sunny days and comfortable evening temperatures, great for evening outside fun. 
In Santa Cruz our summer months often include cool morning Fog, ocean breezes in the afternoons, and often the need for patio heaters in the evening.
Personally, I grew up here and love our weather.  
However, its not for everyone.
With exploding populations and industry growth, land and home prices in the Silicon Valley and the Bay Area communities can often be easily 35% to 100 % higher than our  Listed Santa Cruz homes.
Our Home Prices ?  They Love'm!  Trees to the Sea!  Beaches!  Fresh Ocean Air! Great Restaurants and numerous Sustainable Food Markets!  Many purchase Hybrids, possibly Tele-commute part time and make the move.   
Many of you long time visitors are making Santa Cruz your home town. Congrats!


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