Which Type of Real Estate Agent Are You?

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While there are certain traits that nearly all real estate professionals possess, by no means is there one type of personality in the business.

In our years of working with Realtors® at eCommission, we've started to notice some common character types that pop-up among successful agents. Here are some of the most common ones you’ll see:

People person
This is the most classic agent personality that exists. An ability to interact well with people is absolutely essential to success in real estate. As a result, many agents are good at their job precisely because they are social butterflies who enjoy talking and sharing their opinions with clients and meeting new people.

Digital Dynamo
You’ll definitely be familiar with this type if you’re frequently working with millennial agents. While real estate has historically been a profession that favors those who excel in face-to-face interactions, in recent years we’ve seen an increasing number of agents who are experts at getting leads online due to their tech savvy. They know how to cast a wide net and reel in leads through the use of SEO and highly-targeted online advertising. They also tend to be very skilled at quickly tracking down information online.

Architecture aficionado 
A love of houses, design and architecture is what motivates some people to get involved in real estate. These agents delight in helping buyers find unique, aesthetically-pleasing homes and giving them advice on stylish improvements to make. They love helping sellers renovate their properties in creative (and profitable) ways.

Number cruncher
These mathematically-inclined agents have an uncanny ability to guess the value of a home. They are major assets to clients when it comes to making offers. They know exactly how much a home is worth and they have evidence to prove it since they love diving into tax records, comps and any other data.

Number crunchers can often become skilled home flippers, since they are able to foresee the investment and profits with crystal clarity.

On the run
Some agents are motivated above all else by sales, sales, sales. They pride themselves on efficiency and have a set formula that delivers them regular commissions. They recognize that there is a large group of low-maintenance buyers who are not interested in a lengthy home search and mostly want somebody who will send them listings and help them make a quick offer. Some such agents also make good money through apartment location services.

This is the agent who above all else is fiercely committed to their client. They are passionate about extracting the best possible deal for their buyer or seller and they’re not reluctant to bring out the big guns at the negotiating table. Loyalty to their client is a trait they take very, very seriously.

Are you on this list? Do you see anyone missing? 

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