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Have you been thinking about switching to Key Realty but unsure of the process? Then, this blog is for you! I will cover the transfer process so you can start keeping more of your commissions.

First, you should find out as much information as possible about Key Realty. You can do this by visiting our recruiting site at and our agent site at Here you can find common questions about how the $4,200 works, our training calendar, links to online/classroom training, a list of all of our agents, and more. If you really want to dig in and research us, call our agents to get their opinion. As you will see, we are an open and transparent brokerage firm.

Next, you should reach out for a confidential one on one meeting to find out more by locating a local manager by using the contact us link at We have multiple offices throughout Ohio.  

Normally the biggest challenge is timing with deals in current transactions. The good news is that the ODRE says if you switch you will be paid out on your pending deals per your independent contractor agreement. The challenge is active listings as it is up to the broker whether you can take them, take them with a referral fee, or leave them with the brokerage. Many of the larger brokerages will allow you to take the listings but we will discuss individual brokerage tendencies when we meet. 

If you have decided to join Key Realty, you will need to fill out a transfer application. A copy can be found here - Transfer Form. You will send your current broker an email indicating you are changing brokerages. You will then take the signed transfer form to the ODRE with a $25 check at 77 S High St, 20th floor. They will then give you a "Walk In" paper. Send that to me at and I will forward it to Columbus Realtors so they can change you in the MLS. You are then changed at the state level and the local board level. This process can be completed in just a couple hours.

That's it. The process is fairly simple and we have helped hundreds of agents change brokerages to start saving money. The biggest complaint that our agents have is they wish they would have switched sooner. Are you ready to join Key Realty?


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