3 Tips Increase the Chances of Getting Multiple Offers on your Home

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With the strong real estate market in Brea it is not uncommon to see multiple offers and bidding wars in this much-coveted southern California city. Attracting multiple potential buyers and creating numerous offers on your home is an easy three step process.


“I see agents who are not familiar with Brea, come in and dramatically under sell a home. I see it far too often.”


As the leading real estate agent in Brea I would like to share with you some of my best strategies on how to create multiple offers, and spark a bidding war on your home.

1. Price your home correctly

It is so important that you set your initial asking price at a realistic and fair price. A well-priced home is the fastest way to generate interest in your home and make for a quick sale at top dollar. A fair asking price is bound to attract multiple buyers.

An interesting fact: Homes are currently selling for within 1-2% of asking price, which doesn’t mean you need to price your home high. It means that if priced properly you will be able to stay firm on your asking price.

Other key factors that will help generate a wide range of interest in your home include:

  • Market your home correctly – make sure to display the best qualities of your home.
  • Properly stage your home for private showings or open houses – I stage all my seller’s home for free. It has been a huge win/win and a very valuable part of marketing and selling of the home.
  • Make sure your realtor has many connections and has a large network of potential buyers.

2. Patience

Be patient, but not too patient, depending on what’s going on with the market. Inventory and its historical perspective is the best way to measure the strength of a market. When I see agents brag about selling in 1 day I have to laugh, because the odds of getting the highest paying buyer the very first day are statistically improbable. Generally, the length of time a seller should spend negotiating offers depends on the strength of the market.

Make sure your agent knows the strength of your particular market and has a specific strategy to increase the chances of obtaining multiple offers, and knows how to effectively deal with multiple offers. Usually only a very experienced agent will know how to do this.

3. The right realtor for the job

The right realtor is the most important piece when it comes to creating multiple offers on your home. The right realtor will be able to market your home properly and be able to use proven strategies that attract a wide range of potential buyers.

The right realtor will be able to help you set an asking price that will generate a wide range of interest and sell your home quickly and more importantly, at top dollar.

Make sure to take your time and ask your realtor a wide range of questions about how they plan on selling your home, how they will price your home and if they have working knowledge of your neighborhood.

I see agents who are not familiar with Brea, come in and dramatically under sell a home. I see it far too often. One may think that only hurts that particular seller, however it hurts the entire neighborhood for those who are trying to refinance or sell their home.


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