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The Best Way to Protect Your Family this Hurricane Season

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Hurricanes are coming. And they’re bigger and more threatening than any we have seen in half a century.

If you are in the path of these monster storms, you have already taken strong precautions to protect everyone who lives under your roof. You have bought the best generator you can afford and tested it out. You have protective metal gates and robust panels to protect your windows and home from high winds. And you have installed a good alarm or contracted with a security service to protect your home if you must leave.

You’ve got it covered, right? Those are all responsible, smart precautions. But have you overlooked one more critical precaution that might be the most important one of all?

Have you arranged to always have full tanks of gas in all your cars?

It’s easy to get that base covered. Just be sure to have EzFill stop by to fill your tanks, so you are fully prepared to transport your family wherever you need to go. If you haven’t installed the EzFill gas delivery app yet, hurricane season is an awfully good time to do it.

You’re covered. You request a fill-up, EzFill comes and tops you up, and you can forget any worries about getting stranded in your car with your family.

Why a Full Tank of Gas Keeps You and Your Family Safe

Consider the benefits of having your gas tanks topped up . . .

  • Instant mobility – If you decide to leave your home – or if you are ordered to evacuate – you are ready to leave at once and travel the maximum distance before you need to buy gas.
  • Personal safety – A full tank of gas eliminates the need to expose yourself or your family to dangerous situations that can arise in the event of gas shortages or long gas lines.
  • Access to needed resources – A full tank of gas lets you travel to stores for food and other supplies that will keep you and your family provisioned in the days and weeks following a hurricane.
  • A cushion against the unexpected – If a child or a parent becomes ill during weather emergencies, a full tank of gas lets you travel to hospitals or other care facilities.

It Only Takes a Moment . . .

If you live in South Florida, install the EzFill gas delivery app on your iPhone or Android device and take advantage of EzFill’s special promotional offers for your first delivery of a full tank of gas.

Safety and peace of mind can be yours today. You might not be able to thumb your nose at the hurricanes that are coming our way. But you will sleep better because you and your family are prepared for problems, thanks to a full tank of gas.

Pat Champion
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A hurricane is headed towards us, right now. Thanks for sharing the tips. I hope you have a great afternoon.

Sep 07, 2017 02:05 PM
Josef Katz

Pat, Exactly why I posted...Hope you and your family are safe and there was no damage in your area.

Sep 11, 2017 12:33 PM


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May 08, 2020 02:53 PM