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What's My Annadale Staten Island Home Value?

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If you’re a veteran, a military, city, state or federal employee or retiree, and you’re seriously thinking of selling your home in Annadale, Staten Island, I can’t be happier that fate has led you to my page.


After retirement, you may have expected to sell your house either to buy another property, downsize your space, simplify your life by removing some of its complications like paying monthly bills or perhaps to have less financial worries, leading to a more manageable lifestyle and to save money.


All of these reasons are valid in selling your home in Annadale, Staten Island. It’s also good to know what you need to do as a seller to meet your expectations and collaborate with what your potential buyer is  willing and able to pay.

Real Estate Properties in Annadale Staten Island NY - A mixture of classic and contemporary, sustainable home styles, all offered in Annadale, Staten Island.

How to determine property value?


Not all home search sites that you use online are accurate. I would highly recommend that you ask for a referral from a friend or relative who recently sold their home.


Getting the service of a REALTORⓇ, like myself, will make your life easy as we can aggressively pursue buyers, and pricing the property right is incredibly important to us, too.  


Here are other tips that will help you find out your home value in Annadale Staten Island:


  1. Check out the recent sold houses in your area that are similar to your home. I can assist you in this search since we have access to credible data resources. This way, you will know the “comps” or comparable properties with the same characteristics as your house, like the size, roof type, year it was built, lot size, and style. Choose one with similar living space measurements with not more than a 200 sq. ft. difference.

  2. Don’t forget to consider all your expenses in case you’ve done a few recent renovations. Add together the adjusted, final sales prices of the three comparable properties in your neighborhood. Then divide the total by three to get an average adjusted final sale price. This is the estimated value of your house. Remember that this is something I can help you with. Our aim is to help you get the best possible price while selling and buying your new home.

  3. We target Veterans and Military Personnel. I aim to help you get an extensive savings whether you’re selling or buying a Staten Island Properties. One thing I always say is to make sure your home has the right value before putting it out there. There are easy and cheap curb appeal ideas that you can do to your home in Annadale, Staten Island. Some of you have an eye for it, others may need a little help to get the ideas flowing. You’ll be surprised at the difference even inexpensive changes can make to the curb appeal of your house.

Homes for Sale in Annadale Staten Island - The bright and modern properties in Annadale, Staten Island will make your retirement years blissful!

It’s time to prepare your home


Annadale, Staten Island has a lot of demographic changes and an increasing number of veterans and and government workers in the population.


This is the best time to join the bandwagon and live in the best place for retirees. I’m a long time resident of Annadale, Staten Island and my dream as a REALTORⓇ  is to make the process easy for you.


Call me at 718-948-1820. Let’s start making your dreams come true!




In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view What's My Annadale Staten Island Home Value? on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyJZfuSEO2c&feature=youtu.be


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