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For the past few months, you haven’t had to worry about tripping over backpacks, finding lost homework, and making sure the permission slips, library books, and projects make their way to the classroom on time.

Then, school starts again.

Getting Organized

Mudroom-Royal Oaks

Have you figured out a better system for organizing all the notes, supplies, and other essentials to reduce the chaos? Do you have a plan for giving your students the help they need to stay on track with their assignments and schedules?

It’s time to organize your home for school days.

The best way to give your kids a head start on success is better home organization. Designate spaces for everything from studying to stashing (backpacks, supplies, homework, schedules).

The mudroom in your home is a great place to start. Add cubbies, one per child, and attach a hook on the wall above it. Instruct them to put shoes and sports equipment inside the cubby, stack books and notebooks on top, and hang coats and backpacks on the hook.  In the same area, hang a bulletin board with either a dry erase or chalkboard. Keep schedules, notices, and forms where you can see them. The Somerset floor plan by Royal Oaks Homes features a mudroom that scores high grades with families.

Homework Time

Desk Area - Royal Oaks

Homework is a given during the school year. When you create a student workspace, outside of their bedroom, you can offer help as needed and keep them from all the distractions in their room. Create a study station with a desk or worktable. Add shelves or cabinets where you can organize school supplies, like paper, tape, pencils, sharpeners, extra notebooks and binders, glue sticks, and printer ink cartridges. By keeping those supplies close, you prevent the kids from going in search of them and facing yet another distraction.

A loft is a great place to create a study station. Royal Oaks incorporated a tech loft into our Fremont floor plan. This space is wired for today’s technology, an important factor when choosing the workspace for your students. The Carteret, Ocracoke, and Avery new home designs feature workspaces, like built-in desks.

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