PrePaid Credit actually helps your score with the new scoring system

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It used to be a statement credit professionals would avoid. But now with new scoring factors, prepaid credit can help your score significantly. 

FICO actually takes in consideration that people are trying to start with credit and when they see you get a pre-paid option, especially a powerful pre-paid card like ours  - they watch your balances and payment history - which in a course of one to three months, will boost your score. 


Don't think about getting a pre-paid credit card to help your credit score

You don't have too get a pre-paid credit card with us

But if you do, it will not only boost your credit score, it will change your life forever.

You are may or may not decide to invest in one of our premiere credit cards
I think the smart people will.

By now you might be able to invest in one of our prepaid cards
so have a look at what we have to offer

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