7 Habits that get Realtors® in the Million Dollar Commission Club

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It’s hard enough to get a few people to entrust you with negotiating the purchase or sale of the biggest investment of their lives. But developing the consistency and reach needed to become one of the area’s top real estate agents is not something that most people are able to do. Here are effective tactics we've seen make a difference for Realtors® we work with at eCommission that have made it into the Million Dollar Commission Club. 

Networking constantly

Some agents do well for a few years and then inexplicably stop getting leads. In many cases that’s because they were relying on a profitable but small network that eventually stopped producing business. If you want to make the seven-figure commission club, you can’t be content with your existing network. You have to always be looking to expand, meeting new people and handing out business cards at every opportunity.

Continue learning
Going the extra mile when it comes to continuing education and credentials is also a good way to stay ahead in the real estate game. There are tons of classes available that can shed light on parts of the industry that you don’t know much about or teach you skills that could help you become an even more formidable real estate expert.

Take the Internet seriously
Networking and traditional marketing still matter, but online marketing is only going to become more important as your career progresses. Online marketing is not just about putting money into some ads and hoping that prospects will see them and give you a call. It’s about establishing an online persona — through a website, social media presence and paid advertising — that people can connect with.

If you’re a young agent getting started, understanding these things can be one of the ways you can compete with older agents with more established networks.

Stay healthy
It’s hard to stay engaged as you age if you’re not taking care of yourself. Long days feel a lot longer if you’re not eating well, getting exercise or getting enough sleep. Partying habits that you picked up in college can also be a major drain on your energy and health.

Take time to appreciate your success
Do you love being a real estate agent? If so, take some time every once in awhile to fully appreciate that. After an exhausting day, think about how lucky you are to help people fulfill their dreams or make good on their investment. You get to make your own schedule and be your own boss. That’s pretty cool. The more you remind yourself of that, the more motivated you will be to get out there and sell some more!

Don’t waste time
You need down time to engage in leisure and be with people you love. But think of all the time during the day that you are not spending doing anything that you are particularly passionate about. Staring into traffic during your commute, for instance. Or reading a mindless comment thread on Facebook while waiting on a call from a client. Instead, take advantage of your commute by listening to a book on tape about marketing. Instead of waiting for a client to call, read up on news relating to the real estate industry.

Accept criticism
Even agents who are “naturals” make mistakes. The beginning of your career will be filled with them, but whether you succeed in the long-term depends largely on whether you choose to acknowledge them and learn from them. Ask veteran agents for advice. Take criticism from clients to heart. And above all, think about how you can improve!

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John Pusa
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Crest - Glendale, CA
Your All Time Realtor With Exceptional Service

Sean Whaling Those are very good habits to get into million dollar commission club.

Sep 12, 2017 03:45 PM
Inna Ivchenko
Barcode Properties - Encino, CA
Realtor® • GRI • HAFA • PSC Calabasas CA

Great habits and seems we all do it, more or less. The secret ingredients would be probably passion and faith in what you do. 

Oct 19, 2017 11:31 PM