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Five Popular Bathroom Remodeling Trends

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Some homeowners have a defined vision for their remodeled bathroom—down to the exact features, tiling and furniture. Most, though, think of their renovative goals more generally, like the feeling their space’s design should evoke or ways to improve the functionality of their fixtures.

Inspiration often requires a nudge to give someone a sense for all the possibilities out there. To give you a better idea of how to start transforming your bathroom, here are five of the most popular, contemporary bath remodeling trends:

Curbless Showers That Create Accessible, Spa-Like Bathrooms

If you were to walk into 10 strangers’ bathrooms, most them would likely have a tub-shower combo as the main—if not sole—bathing fixture. These combination appliances have been standard-issue for quite some time, but more households are combining their walking and bathing areas into one spa-like space.

Installing a curbless shower will make this transition the easiest, but some homeowners go a step further by laying the same tile across the entire floor. Not only does this create a seamless aesthetic; it also promotes an accessible bathing space that will boost your property’s overall value and buyer diversity.

Save Counter Space in Style With a Vessel Sink

Building a more functional, convenient bathroom doesn’t end with a remodeled tub or shower. It’s important to optimize both qualities in each of your bathroom fixtures, especially when it comes to your sink and counter. Many vessel sinks are high-sided and deep, as opposed to traditional stainless steel or ceramic sinks, which typically sport a wider construction.

Vessel sinks are also made from a wide variety of materials, including nickel, bronze, marble and even lava stone. This material variety ensures that a vessel sink will give your bathroom an extra, eye-grabbing accent that will give your space a slice of unique, modern flair.

Showering From All Sides

Top-down showerheads had a good run, but the newest lines of spa showers aim for more enveloping comfort with multiple jets and misters positioned on all sides of the stall. Not only does this partially reduce unwanted splashing in bathrooms with curbless showers; it also delivers a more immersive feeling of clean refreshment.

Modernize Your Daily Routine With Wireless Devices

We’re all international singing superstars in the shower, especially with the tunes blasting from the shower radios of old. But now, the order of the day is device connectivity, and it’s no different when it comes to previously tech-free bath fixtures. Some manufacturers have begun developing vanities, mirrors and even showerheads with built-in wireless speakers and Bluetooth devices. Belting your favorite power ballad in the shower just became a lot easier. Apologies to your family members in advance.

Heated Flooring…Because Heated Flooring

Floor heating systems are commonly electric-based, since they are less expensive to install and operate because they integrate directly with your home’s electrical grid. As an alternative, some homeowners opt for a hydronic system, which channels hot water through piping installed beneath your floor tiles. This amenity can provide a perfect cap to your bathroom renovation if you want to create a spa-like space. But if the installation price or project scope is a little too much for you, another cost-effective alternative is a towel heater, to boost that pampered feeling.

Consider the Trends, Then Set Your Own

Whether it’s a newly constructed Beverly Hills mansion or a fixer-upper in Charleston, bathroom remodeling trends tend to carry a similar set of objectives. First and foremost among them is the impulse to move away from segmented bathrooms. Many homeowners are opting for more modern, all-encompassing spaces to create a more soothing, spa-like environment. If that sounds like your bathroom remodeling goals in a nutshell, or even if you just want to improve the aesthetic of your space, consider these trends as you plan your next bathroom transformation.  

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Hi Kevin, Thanks for these great tips and ideas for bathroom remodeling.  It's nice to see the different options that are popular.

Sep 12, 2017 09:02 PM