What Are Best Improvements to Add Value to Your Foxwood Trinity Home?

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Planning to sell your home soon?


When you’ve decided to put your Foxwood Trinity home for sale, one of your priorities should be deciding what improvements or projects you can do to help your home sell fast.


In a market where there are plenty of homes to choose from, what will make your home stand out? What improvements will give your home the most leverage?


Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes


To know which home improvements to apply in your home, rather than installing upgrades you want, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Oftentimes, we upgrade the things we like, not considering that the new owner may not have similar preferences.


By thinking of the buyer’s needs and wants, you can decide which projects add the most value to your home.


As a REALTOR®, I’ve been asked this question too many times. Here are my top five best improvements or upgrades which will add value to your home.

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1. Update your curb appeal.  Your home’s curb appeal will get buyers in the door.


Most homebuyers prefer homes which look great on the outside. Your home’s exterior look will attract and keep the attention of the buyers long enough to get them in the door. After that, it’s an entirely new thing. 


When you want your home to sell fast, you want to drive traffic to your home. You can do that by making sure your curb appeal is enticing.


Start by improving the landscape. Replace old and tired-looking bushes and plants with new ones.


Add some color to the garden by planting flowers. Make your front lawn green and as lush as possible.


Fix the fence if needs repair.


If your garage door is looking worn out, replace it with a new one. The same goes for your front door.


Consider all other exterior home improvements as part of your curb appeal


2. Complete flooring upgrades. Most buyers check the quality of the floor when they first step into the house. Is it clean? Is it in good condition?


Many buyers prefer high quality flooring like hardwood, but you don’t necessarily have to upgrade the entire floor. You can only do a section of it, like the foyer and hallway.


If your home has carpet floors, have it deep cleaned to remove any stains and smell.


3. Make kitchen improvements. You were probably expecting this.


Check all home improvement blogs online and you’ll see kitchen upgrades is always on the list. That’s because this is one of the busiest rooms in the home, and is more prone to wear and tear than other living spaces.


Homebuyers prefer beautiful kitchens, so if your kitchen is still in top condition, just clean it thoroughly.


Repainting the cabinets and replacing knobs and handles also help give it a new look.


If there is anything that leaks, fix it. For good measure, replace the faucet as well.


Adding in energy saving appliances is also a great upgrade for the kitchen.


4. Complete a minor bathroom remodel. Do you know that the bathroom comes next to the kitchen as the most visited room in the house?


Homebuyers love clean and beautiful bathrooms. Make sure that all the pipes are in perfect working condition.


Like the kitchen, replacing knobs and handles give a more updated look.


Upgrade the light fixtures as well if your bathroom is looking a little dim.


Apply a fresh coat of paint when needed.


5. Put a fresh coat of paint in your home. Cliche as it may sound, this one thing is still true to this day.  Repainting your Foxwood home with well chosen colors will give it an instant face lift.


A fresh coat of paint on the walls in a neutral tone will brighten the home. It doesn’t even cost that much.


You can DIY or have a professional do it for you.


Many of the upgrades I mentioned here are affordable and have a high ROI. Applying these things to your home for sale in Foxwood Trinity will help make it more enticing and sell it faster.


Before you go and do any actual home improvements, I suggest you consult with a real estate agent like me, Victoria Legrow.  I can help you decide on which home improvements are necessary to sell your home.


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Call me, Victoria Legrow, at (813) 679 7437. As one of the top real estate professionals in the Trinity area, I can help you know what appropriate home improvements you can make to help your home to sell faster.


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Good morning, VICTORIA LEGROW P.A. that's a good list of future improvements for those homeowners who are thinking of selling in the future.... and then they should be calling you for guidance with marketing...

Sep 13, 2017 03:47 AM

Barbara Todaro Thank you!

Oct 17, 2017 08:52 PM
Nathan Gesner
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This is a good list of improvements that can help a home sell faster and for a better price. Thanks for sharing!

Sep 13, 2017 04:04 AM

Nathan Gesner Thank you!

Oct 17, 2017 08:53 PM