The Wonder of It All

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Do you stand in amazement sometimes when you stop and think about your career?  The wonder of it all sometimes confounds me, and my business world seems almost surreal.  Having been raised by parents who worked most their lives to survive, I subconsciously believed that work was a must and should not be viewed as a luxury of any sort.  That was until one day I realized I had been practicing real estate for a while and it was no longer a job; it had become a career of choice.


The wonder of it all stops me in my tracks.  Many working-class people in this country are stuck in jobs they don’t love.  Whether the money is great or just barely enough, it’s not usually the pay that makes them sad or happy.  There’s the convenience store cashier who must work the night shift, the policeman whose life is on the line every day, the receptionist who is grouchy from having to get the kids off to school before she goes to work, the department store cashier who has developed a general distaste for people, the bank employee who is tired of being indoors all day and a myriad of others who are unhappy with their jobs.  We’ve even had students who were college graduates stuck in their chosen field, we’ve had nurses who can’t take the sadness any longer.  These are good people who, for any number of reasons, chose a path that dead-ended with the knowledge that they weren’t happy.


The wonder of it all keeps me going.  The passion to transfer knowledge and information to others so that they can experience the wonder of it all pushes me.  Everyone deserves to be happy, especially in their profession.  For me, it was a constant searching, trying to find the right fit, trying to figure out my worth as a working mother.  The practice of real estate gave me that worth.  It also gave me an identity outside the home that I could use to provide for my family.  Now that my family has their own families, the passion of being a part of TEAM Hughes Real Estate School drives me. 


The wonder of it all amazes me!  I love what we do!  I love seeing what our students do!  It’s surreal to see a real estate agent’s name in print and to know that agent is successful.  It’s almost reminiscent of a mother’s pride that swells when her child excels.  I am so very proud of our students!  It’s the students who make us a great real estate school!  It’s the students who flame our passion to teach!  The wonder of it all is simple:  the students trust us and employ us to teach them what they need to know and that’s what we do. 


The wonder of it all can be yours if a career in real estate is what you want.  Allow TEAM Hughes Real Estate School to assist you and we’ll enjoy the wonder of it all together.

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Shahar Hillel
Encino, CA
Mortgage Consultant, Loan Officer.


Great post. Doing something you love to do is more than half of the job.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Sep 27, 2017 10:43 AM
Carrie Hughes

Thanks for your note, Shahar!

Sep 27, 2017 12:26 PM