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If you think about it, the practice of real estate can sometimes be stressful.  The public perceives real estate agents as having it easy, a cushy job if you will.  They think the entire commission goes to one real estate agent, and that agent hardly worked for it at all.  Think about it long enough and it will make you want to educate every consumer you meet!


Realtors® and real estate agents work for their money, and sometimes work harder than other times.  I always told my agents sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but other times you win big.  Once you’ve gotten some experience under your belt, the easier your work becomes.  You are no longer flying “by the seat of your pants,” and errors become fewer because you know more about what to look for.  If you think about it, practicing real estate is like most other experiences in life.  Practice makes perfect.  Although you’ll never reach perfection, there will be times in your real estate career that feel as though nothing can go wrong.


Of course, all good things must end, and you cannot stay on the mountain forever.  If you think about it, though, the valleys make us appreciate what we do.  New agents have no idea when their first commission will come their way.  Yet, they take that leap of faith, get their license, begin training, and never look back.  They hope they’ll be on the mountaintop soon rather than down in the valley.  Being in the valley causes us to look up toward the mountain and gives us a target to reach.  Being on the mountaintop and looking down into the valley will serve to remind us that sooner or later, we’ll revisit that valley. 


So, what should we do while we’re on the mountaintop?  Think about it.  Most animals’ basic instincts tell them to store up for the winter (or their valley).  We humans, however, find it difficult to do that, and we end up spending money we’ve made while basking in our success on the mountaintop.  If you think about it, and you know our economy runs in cycles, it would make sense to store up for leaner times because we all know that we can’t stay on the mountaintop forever. 


The tools we need to reach the mountaintop sooner and to stay there longer are training, networking and lead generation.  Without these tools, we’re out there flying “by the seat of our pants.”  That’s dangerous and stupid.  The more education we get, the better we are in our craft and the more protection we can give to consumers.  If you think about it, those tools make us good at what we do.


If you want to begin your real estate career successfully, you’ll want TEAM Hughes Real Estate School to be your catalyst.  If you want great post licensing, you’ll want TEAM Hughes to do the job.  If you want to pursue a coveted broker license, TEAM Hughes is the only way to go.  Think about it – the best produces the best.

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William Feela
Realtor, Whispering Pines Realty 651-674-5999 No.

It is less stressful when you stay on top of the issues that come up.

Sep 27, 2017 07:27 AM
Carrie Hughes

Thanks for your comments, William.

Sep 27, 2017 12:27 PM